Case Study | Paul White Company


Jonathan White, owner of Paul White Company, has always wanted to work in the family business. He was born into it and he loves it. In 1970, his mother and father started the business in Portland, ME. They began in ceramic tile, expanded into flooring, and in the early 90s they entered the stone business. They are a company that strives to foster relationships and Park Industries has been a partner of Paul G. White’s from the start.

They started out with the PRODIGY & PRO-EDGE® I at their original location. In 2001, they moved and purchased the DESTINY CNC simultaneously. At the end of 2016, they attended a Digital Stoneworking Expo at Park Industries®. They learned about Moraware, the Pathfinder® Digital Photo Station, and had an introduction to digital templating. They became a fully digital shop with the purchase of a TITAN® CNC Router and the software. 

Paul White has a wide offering of products and cabinets are now sold there too. Their largest product selection is commercial flooring. They have an edge over the competition with their offerings in addition to stone products. They are a one-stop shop and do not have to order anything; it’s all right there.

In 2017, they purchased a FUSION® CNC Saw/Waterjet and a HydroClear Water Clarification System. The DESTINY is still used for smaller projects today because it has been updated to use digital layouts.

The Results Of Digital Technology

They are still adjusting to the fact that they can utilize the time when there are no employees on location. The machines work through the night. They have had more commercial projects. It has been nice for them to plug in the program and walk away, especially with the repetitive nature of commercial projects. The projects they take on are a mix of local and national scale. 

Jonathan shares, “Our capacity doubled as soon as we put the two machines in (TITAN® and FUSION®), and that is being on the conservative side.”

A lot more labor was involved with their first machine, the PRODIGY. Now they don’t need that. They can concentrate on hiring more installers and less shop employees. Every position has been cross-trained on the machines. Jonathan states, “Operation of the machine is so simple. It is comparable to working a cell phone.”

Jonathan shares that they haven’t ever looked anywhere else. They believe in fostering relationships and staying with the same people. Paul White has had no major problems with Park’s machines. They appreciate the customer service. Jonathan explains, “Park has great customer service, technical support, and the products themselves are stellar. More than once they have gone out of their way to help. Park has great people in a good mood, and they’re always a pleasure to have in the building. Any questions we have had have been answered right away.”


Paul White Company
Portland, ME

Park Equipment Owned: DESTINY, TITAN®, FUSION®, HydroClear, FASTBACK® II, Pathfinder
Relationship with Park: Paul White and Park Industries have a strong partnership in the stone fabrication business since Paul White’s beginning. Paul White believes in fostering relationships and staying with the same companies if they have been successful.