Case Study | Precision Stone Design


Gina Saran, President of Precision Stone Design, studied marketing. She was first introduced to the stone industry when she was developing a marketing plan for a stone company that was struggling through the market downturn. Shortly thereafter, Gina and two business partners started their own company – Precision Stone Design.  They began as a completely manual shop and the company formed with a truck, their combined knowledge, and a strong desire to work hard and be successful.

In just seven short years, they have completed over 10,000 projects in both the commercial and residential markets.

How did a business begin and thrive in a time when market conditions were on a rebound? Precision Stone Design has always had a focus on response time, competitive pricing, fast delivery, and a visual presentation for the customer. Their quick responses, consistent communication, and transparent pricing with clients has developed a level of trust within the industry.

Shortly after opening their doors, Precision Stone Design had nearly maxed out their production.  Customers were referring clients to Precision Stone Design and their online presence was only continuing to grow. They were producing about 1,000 sq. ft. a week, but they had people working overtime to keep up with the demand.

Gina noticed how hard her employees were working and knew that they needed a better way to work. The options were to either add a second shift or upgrade the production shop with automation.

The Digital Transformation

After spotting a flyer for a Digital Stoneworking Expo at Park Industries®, they decided to attend. They had everything to gain for the price of a little gas money to travel to Minnesota. Gina listened and watched intently at the seminars and tour of Park Industries®. Each manufacturing solution presented resonated with her needs for automation and quality production. As she recalls, “I was like a kid in a candy shop. I wanted it all, and I wanted it yesterday.” Gina made the investment in the following Park Industries equipment: Pathfinder® 1200, FUSION® 4045, FASTBACK®, TITAN® 1800.

With the digital automation, their work environment has tremendously improved. It is cleaner, nicer, neater, and less dusty. They are producing 20% more than before. The quality of work is much higher and it is a much safer environment. The definite difference in the work environment is visible in the relaxed smiles resting on every employee’s face. Instead of working 12 hour days, the employees work 8-10 hour days. It takes about 15% less time to complete a project than before the machinery.

Gina has brought her marketing mind into this business. She looks at the big picture and is always open to new ideas. Gina has taken part in the Park Business Group, and is looking forward to the additional learnings that Park Industries® will provide as a trusted advisor in the industry. Gina declares that, “Park has been an exceptional partner in business.”


Precision Stone Design
Elk Grove Village, IL


Weekly Production: 1,200-1,400 sq. ft.
Park Equipment Owned: Pathfinder® 1200, FUSION® 4045, FASTBACK®, TITAN® 1800
Relationship with Park: Park Industries and Precision Stone Design have been partners in the stone industry since 2014, after President Gina Sara, attended a Park Industries® educational event, a Digital Stoneworking Expo.