Case Study | Stone Concepts


Stone Concepts opened in 2003 and shortly after that Tim Coffey began working there. In 2017 Tim had the opportunity to become owner of Stone Concepts. As Tim transitioned into his owner role, he assessed the efficiency of the shop. 

Tim found that the largest bottleneck was in their time spent on their saw. Two employees were putting in many hours of overtime operating the saw. Tim Coffey admits that it was initially stressful and even scary to make the transition to a digital shop, but the advantages were well worth it. Tim shares, “When looking around the shop at Stone Concepts, you will see happy people. We have reduced our overtime tremendously – down to almost nothing.”  

Digital Transformation 

Going digital has eased Stone Concepts’ worries and fears about taking on complex projects. It has opened up a whole new market and has allowed them to take on more projects. “The digital equipment was a game-changer for our shop. It makes the process so easy, almost too easywith the new technology,” Tim states.  

The FUSION® changed the cutting process at Stone Concepts. The saw paired with the waterjet helps Stone Concepts achieve maximum productivity. The mitering capabilities have helped free up employees’ time that used to be spent cutting miters by hand. Tim shares, “Our Park machinery has helped immensely. In overtime alone, we went from 150 hours of overtime to 15-20 hours of overtime.” The minimal overtime they have now is due to the travel required for some projects, and the time spent on travel is unavoidable. 

The employees at Stone Concepts fabricated by hand until they saved enough to purchase the TITAN®. After finishing an unexpected big job, they were able to purchase the TITAN®. Tim states, “The way slabs come off of the TITAN® do not require any hand fabrication, or dry cutting.” 

The customers’ confidence in Stone Concepts has increased with the addition of the slab layout feature. It displays that Stone Concepts uses up-to-date technology to provide their customers with a more personalized experience and a highly-accurate product. 

Shop Changes 


Going digital has eliminated their overtime and allowed for easier finishing touches and inspection. Stone Concepts has the ability to get much more done in an 8-hour shift, without Saturday shifts anymore. Tim explains, “I used to have to beg employees to come in early, stay late, and work on Saturday.”  

While Stone Concepts employee count has remained stagnant at 20 employees, they have had an influx of new business. The tasks of the employees have been changing, for example, Stone Concepts had to open a new installation crew. Our hiring style has changed with the transformation of our shop. We search for employees that are more technology-savvy and are drawn to working with digital equipment. 

Stone Concepts had a disappointing experience using the Italian machinery. Tim explains, “The glaring difference between the Italian machinery we had and our current Park machines is the support. With the Italian machines, we had to pay for phone support in a yearly package and it does not compare to Park’s service.” Tim values the way that Park associates will take their time and walk them through everything. 


Stone Concepts
Omaha, NE

Park Equipment Owned: TITAN CNC Router, FUSION CNC SawJet, YUKON Bridge Saw, FASTBACK Flat Edge Polisher. 
Partnership with Park: Stone Concepts has enjoyed partnering with Park. Park Industries® and Stone Concepts hold similar values of integrity and fostering a quality work environment with happy associates. Tim shares, “We really enjoy Park. We are a Park-only shop. I don’t shop around. It is a question of which machine to buy first, not a question of where to buy from.” Tim explains that they choose Park Industries® time and time again because of the service they receive. It is always because of the service. The technical support is incomparable.