SABERjet XP CNC Sawjet | Cutting a Vein-Matched Slab

Cutting a Vein-Matched Slab, From Beginning to end (VIDEO)


The SABERjet™ XP excels at cutting miters, custom work, and tricky materials…but how does it work for your standard kitchen? Darren and Jon of Park Industries® take you through the entire process of cutting a typical vein-matched quartz kitchen.

Watch as they digitize the slab and layout the job on the Pathfinder® Photo Station, then see the SABERjet™ XP CNC Sawjet in action with both blade and waterjet cutting.

The SABERjet™ XP uses its intuitive load control to power through this slab, cutting up to 300 inches per minute and finishing the entire program in under 17 minutes.