Dwight Beehler Retires with 46 Years of Service


Dwight Beehler started his first day of work at Park Industries® on April 4th, 1972. He was a young 21-year-old Vietnam Veteran when he began building manual splitters. He advanced into a team lead position and, in 1999 Tom Schlough promoted Dwight into Research & Development of new machines. Park has grown and the machinery and processes have transformed.  Dwight was involved in the transition from manual machines to fully digital CNC machines of today. 

Dwight shares, “Working at Park Industries® has been a good ride and great experience.” When Dwight began, with 10 people in the shop, they cut, welded, assembled, painted, and installed the machinery.

Over the years, Dwight has earned the respect of his fellow associates, and customers. Dwight reflects on his entire experience, “Meeting and visiting with our customers. Developing real relationships with real people, that will be missed.” Dwight, and his infectious smile, will be missed.

Dwight Beehler’s 46-years will be celebrated with a party of current and retired friends and associates on April 4th, 2018.