Section 179 - Stone Machinery - FASTBACK II Edge Polisher



Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows your business to deduct the full purchase price of equipment purchased or financed during the tax year. Ultimately this helps you save up to 35% on machine purchases!

With short lead times on the FASTBACK® II Edge Polisher, you can get a vital piece of machinery fast to take advantage of Section 179 yet in 2022.

What is the Section 179 Deduction?

Most people think the Section 179 deduction is some mysterious or complicated tax code. It really isn’t, as you will see below.

Essentially, Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment and/or software purchased or financed during the tax year. That means that if you buy (or lease) a piece of qualifying equipment, you can deduct the FULL PURCHASE PRICE from your gross income. It’s an incentive created by the U.S. government to encourage businesses to buy equipment and invest in themselves – available to small and large businesses alike.

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The edges come off flawlessly polished on the FASTBACK® II. On our old edge machine, we had to work hard with a lot of finessing to get high quality edges. With the FASTBACK® II we just ‘set it & forget it’… well we can’t forget it, because it’s coming out so fast!

Ryan Sjostrom

Rino's Tile & Stone

This thing just prints money. The FASTBACK® II runs material through at 65-70 inches per minute to a perfect polish. You cannot get anywhere near that hand polishing. I’ve never seen a better polish in my life.

Blake Anderson

Alaska Countertops

No shop can afford NOT to have a FASTBACK® II. It has one task (backsplash) and it does it stellar.

Narelle Hooker

McKenzie Stone & Tile

Park Industries® installed a FASTBACK® II Edge Polisher in my shop 3 months ago…This machine is absolutely amazing and a game changer!! I always believed you could not get a better polish from a machine, but I would put this machine up against any hand polisher hands down. It has worked flawlessly and improved our productivity way beyond our original expectations!!!

Mike Drentlaw

Precision Tops

The FASTBACK II has had a huge return on investment for us. Single best tool we have purchased. Can’t go wrong with this machine.”

Kyle Bourgoin

Rock Solid Surfaces

Oh man, the FASTBACK® II is the best to polish with. I can polish a full kitchen in under 20 minutes, we are so pleased with that machine.

The Martinez's

San Marcos Marble & Tile

Where do I start with? The backsplash comes out perfect. The polish is glass. We can run vanities and islands through it too. The speed alone…we went from one guy doing backsplash all day to running this machine for 30 minutes a day. It’s not even a question, it pays for itself so fast…every shop needs a FASTBACK® II.

Derick & Winnie Hunt

Cabinet & Granite Depot

The FASTBACK® II is one of the most important pieces of equipment any shop should have. It’s going to pay for itself. What it does in one day, it would take a fabricator a full week. And the longevity of the tool life is insane. Just what your saving in pads, it’s worth buying the machine.

Paul Volpe

East Coast Countertops

Polishing manually prior to the FASTBACK® II, we averaged about 2” / min by hand. Now, we run everything through that FASTBACK® II at 60” / min or more. The polish is perfect every time. It saves us a ton of time and time is money.


Quality Floor Covering & Stone

The FASTBACK II does the work of 3-4 polishers. I can’t feed the FASTBACK® II fast enough, and the finish comes off like glass – a perfect polish….even on full islands. I wish I got this machine years ago – it’ll pay for itself in a year or so.

Mike Phelix

Granite Details

When I think about the amount of time I’ve wasted hand-polishing splash… (laughs) After seeing what the FASTBACK® II can do, I can’t imagine not having it. It’s easily paid for itself.

Matt Zafros

Honed Surfaces

If you do at least 2 kitchens a day, the FASTBACK® II is the machine you can feel good to buy without any hesitation. It just prints money…It’s an absolute no brainer.

Joe DeMelo

Evolution Marble and Granite

You would have to pry the FASTBACK® II out of my dead fingers…I couldn’t go without it. We’ve run out of stuff to put through it. It’s so well built, I love it.

Dustin Wallace

Take it for Granite LLC

They are FAST! It takes a job that would take a skilled guy 15 minutes and does it in 3 minutes. They just keep crushing it through. FASTBACK® II [Edge Polishers] are worth every penny!

Jason Borden

Chivino Surfaces

I couldn’t live without the FASTBACK® II. No one can tell me I could live without it. Period, end of a story. No one should have a doubt about this machine. Call me or come visit if you do have a doubt.

Mike Alnaser

AA Granite Fabrication Center

The SABERjet™ and the FASTBACK® II…I love those two machines. They save me so much money….so much money.

Mike Alnaser

AA Granite Fabrication Center

Both the TITAN® Fab Center and FASTBACK® II have far exceeded expectations. I wish I had bought both of them 5 years ago.

Kevin Vickery

KC Granite

A great addition to any shop…I would recommend even just starting out with a FASTBACK® II if you can’t afford a TITAN®. It increases your capacity and saves tons of labor hours.

Robert Wiemann & Giuseppe Vanderputten

Sarto Countertops

The FASTBACK® is a very easy machine to run. We push 30 inches of material through this machine every minute. It is a highly productive machine that has increased our productivity 10 fold.

Blake Wamstad

Hatton Granite Countertops

Put stone in the front and catch money on the end. Every shop needs a FASTBACK ® II.

Victor Swithenbank III

Contemporary Concepts

The FASTBACK® II is unbelievable. Saves us tons of time. Should have bought it 15 years ago….The guys LOVE it!

Paul White

Cache Valley Cabinets & Tops

I really like the consistent polish the FASTBACK® provides us.

Lance Van Norman

Exquisite Stone

The FASTBACK® has provided us tremendous quality and consistency.

Bill Heim

Heim Granite

Everything with this machine continues to go well. The only thing I would change about my experience with the FASTBACK® is buying one sooner!

Mark Sheibelhut

Custom Stone Interiors

The FASTBACK® has replaced two labor positions in my shop, and the machine will certainly pay for itself in 18 months.

Joe Rodriguez

Easy Care Countertops

The FASTBACK® is handling our flat edge production at twice the speed of our previous edger, saving us 7 labor hours per day.

Colby Powers

Metro Stoneworks

We had the Sasso Flying Flat which worked well for us over the past 6 years however, the quality and flexibility of the FASTBACK® is far superior. We are now running production tops through the FASTBACK® which eliminates even more hand polishing and TITAN® machine time. My operators are fighting over who gets to run the FASTBACK® and have started running splashes directly off the FUSION® vs. stacking them to the side and hoping someone else would run them.

Scott Hanes

Majestic Marble & Granite