Leathering Countertops Surface and Edges | Park Industries Stone Machinery

Leathering Slabs & Edges on the VOYAGER XP, FASTBACK II (VIDEO)


The VOYAGER™ XP CNC Saw excels at cutting countertops and the FASTBACK® II Flat-Edge Polisher dominates at polishing them, but did you know you these two machines also offer leathering capabilities?

Add some leathering tools to either of these machines to offer a unique brushed finish to your customers. Add a 12″ leather head to the VOYAGER™ XP’s tool holder to leather the top of a slab or swap the FASTBACK® II’s pads with some 5″ snail lock brushes to leather edges of backsplash, islands or more.

Watch as these machines showcase their leathering capabilities and get some tips along the way on how to set up the leathering tools. Stay until the end to see an impressive finish on some Rainforest Granite…by leathering its edge you can actually feel the vein of the material.