Top 10 liked posts of 2021

Most “Liked” of 2021 (Top 10)


With more than 16,000 followers, Park Industries® Facebook Page is a must follow for anyone in the stone industry. It brings discussion between fabricators, and provides a friendly venue to connect with North America’s Leader in Stone Machinery.

If you’re not following us, the time is now! Like our page, by smashing the “like” button below. We hope to see you in 2022, but first let’s look back at our followers’ favorite posts of 2021. Filled with awesome machines, beautiful stonework, and a meme or two!
(Bonus: Best of 2020)

Top 10 Countdown:

10. The SABERjet™ XP excels at cutting miters, custom work, and tricky materials…but how well does it cut your standard kitchen?

9. From Quarry to Countertop! Gorgeous backlit kitchen by a SMMT (check their featured spotlight) with the SABERjet™ XP CNC Sawjet.

8. Like watching reflections in the bottom of a pool… A lucky customer for Premier Stone Design!

7. Did you know the VOYAGER™ XP & FASTBACK® II have leathering capabilities? See for yourself!

6. Porcelain is no match for the SABERjet™ XP!

5. It’s in the details…Amazing marble craftmanship with the help of Park machinery.

4. Work smarter. Let the TITAN® work harder…Chippewa Stone using the #1 trusted CNC router to get it done!

3. Taco night, ice cream social, happy hour, and more…more than a kitchen piece…a conversation piece.

2. Look at the slabs and tell me what you see…36 ft of gorgeous porcelain fireplace is heating this house up!

1. Admit it…you know you’ve done this at least once.

Thank you for sharing 2021 with us! We look forward to an awesome 2022 with you. Keep sending us your best fabrication work and machine videos, and we’ll keep going for more awesome moments for last year! Tag #parkindustries on social media or send it to us at!


H1. What you can create with stone is truly limitless (with a little help from the VOYAGER™ XP 😉).

H2. “It’s was like going from a 1974 Pinto to a 2020 Maserati.” Check out their VOYAGER™ XP story!

H3. Meet the new generation of water recycling…for PRO’s.

H4. Go big or go home…This shop is prepared for a prosperous future!

H5. Reliable, versatile and always fun to watch = SABERjet™ XP.