VOYAGER XP 5-Axis CNC Stone Saw at Whispering Pines

A Great “First CNC” Experience at Whispering Pines


After years of manual operations in both their cabinets and countertops divisions, Whispering Pines Woodcraft (NY) added their first ever CNC machine to their production: the VOYAGER™ XP 5-Axis CNC Saw.

The Path to Going Digital

With a focus on custom work and quality, Edward Zimmerman gradually began building his countertop business to pair with their cabinet business. The countertop division of Whispering Pines started with Edward and one other fabricator as the workforce to manually cut and polish jobs. Eventually, they grew to the point where they were ready to purchase a new saw as their business expanded.

Edward began researching manufacturers of countertop machinery and after numerous conversations with other fabricators, his search lead him to Park Industries®. Edward explains, “The reputation of Park Industries’ service and machine quality, really stood out to me. They became really the only choice after hearing other’s reviews of them.”

Once Edward knew what company he wanted to work with, he needed to find the right saw. At first, he was looking for a used YUKON® II Bridge Saw, but was then encouraged to attend a Digital Stoneworking Expo™. After experiencing first-hand the overwhelming benefits of going digital, Edward’s whole mindset changed and he knew he wanted a 5-Axis CNC Saw.

VOYAGER XP & First CNC Experience

After making the decision to purchase the VOYAGER™ XP CNC Saw, lacking prior CNC experience, and being self-proclaimed “not computer savvy”, Edward recalls moments where he felt the leap to digital fabrication was “too big to conquer.”.

As the sole programmer/operator of the VOYAGER™ XP, Edward had to start with the basics and continues to learn, but has this to say on his experience, “Honestly, it went as good as one could hope for. I started programming and running the saw immediately after my training, and it all clicked. The training handbook you get has been an amazing go-to resource for me.”

VOYAGER XP 5-Axis CNC Stone Saw at Whispering Pines
VOYAGER™ XP at Whispering Pines Woodcraft (NY)

Regarding the entire experience, he continues, “Everything went amazing. I mean it was our first CNC and there is nothing I wish went differently. Installation was very smooth and the 24/7 service is always there when I need it. Park helped make our jump to CNC way easier than I expected. All in all, it’s been a great move for us.”

The Results

Edward shared that day the VOYAGER™ XP was installed their production capabilities rose at least 50% with ease. With the added capacity, he was even able to add another fabricator. The saw now keeps both fabricators busy with ease. Whispering Pines is also looking for a full-time programmer and shop manager as Edward is currently overseeing both divisions of the business and programming the VOYAGER™ XP.

The growth potential of the VOYAGER™ XP, excites Edward about the future. He shares, “We are just scratching the surface on what the saw can do and how we can grow our business with it.”

As for the capabilities of the machine, the TightCut™ Blade Plunging feature and 27 hp motor stand out to Edward. He explains, “The TightCut™ is an amazing tool. It really cuts down the milling time needed for sinks and the pains of hand grinding are long gone.” He continues, “The 27 hp is great…We’ve definitely never felt the need for more power while cutting. It’s been more than sufficient for quartzites. We look forward to experimenting with different tools and blades and pushing the machine faster as we know it can handle it.”

Lastly, when asked if he would recommend the VOYAGER™ XP to others, Edward replied, “Park Industries® made my first CNC experience so great; I couldn’t help but recommend that machine. I am loving the saw and the service I’ve received. It’s just quality through and through.”