TITAN CNC Router for Stone Fabrication

What’s New? TITAN® 3000 Series


The next generation of TITAN® brings tons of improvements and upgrades for the leading CNC router series. See “What’s New?” on the TITAN® 3000 series.

Redesigned For Speed

  • Faster tool changes.
  • Improved spindle torque for faster speeds.
  • Increased water flow, ideal for high-speed tooling.

HMI Station & Interface Improvements

  • The HMI station is now connected directly to the machine and protected against the wet, harsh environment of the shop floor.
  • The interface has been completely redesigned, now easier to navigate and more intuitive
  • Ability to assign different levels of control to each operator.
iTEC Interface | TITAN CNC Router for Stone Fabrication

Operator Improvements & Automation

  • Automatic tool pocket calibration resets tool pockets quickly.
  • Improved ITM setup functionality, including:
    1. Faster tool setup process.
    2. Tool Library includes a semi-auto upload feature.
    3. Ability to import/export from offline tool measuring devices.
  • Improved block assist function, allowing fabricators to adjust tool paths within a block.
  • Blick® manifold optional upgrade. The manifold can be mounted in various positions for easy access.
  • Vacuum pressure alarm. If the pressure is too low, the machine shuts off to protect the pods and material from damage.
  • End of cycle/job progress light indicator.
  • New laser for pod/material placement with calibration feedback. This notifies the operator of the successful calibration.
  • Spindle usage tracking – meter hours.

Maintenance Improvements

  • Redesigned for better water flow and less maintenance.
  • Auto lubrication system for all bearings…saves around an hour of maintenance previously needed for manually lubricating bearings.
  • Easier serviceability and quick disconnect with the ITM system.
  • The spindle gripper set can now be snapped back into place.
  • The set screw has been removed and re-designed for quicker maintenance with fewer failures.
Rack and Pinion with Bellow covers | TITAN CNC Router for Stone Fabrication

Design Improvements

  • Bellow covers now use aluminum plates and has fewer screws. Screws are more accessible, secure, and easier to remove.
  • Rails are better protected with the new bellow covers, making it nearly impossible for water or mud to get on the rails of the machine.
  • New shroud with side handles that can be removed by a single employee (two-person assistance with TITAN® 2000 models).
  • Shroud allows for water union visibility and easier access to the spindle.
  • Added spindle protection to control dust and mud, extending the life of the spindle.
  • Spindle sensor detects a belt break, shutting the machine off, preventing further damage to the spindle or tooling.
  • The optional water containment system reduces water spray.

Safety Features Added

  • Laser Photo Eyes added – front and back safety beam.
  • Increased convenience (compared to cable) for loading/unloading. Safety cable system around the entire machine.