Countertop Fabrication

CNC Saws & SawJets
FUSION CNC Saw/WaterjetThe FUSION® CNC Saw/Waterjet, or Sawjet, is a high-speed CNC saw with precision waterjet for maximum productivity. This leading stone cutting machine also offers mitering, VFD cutting, and a tilt table. Available in single and dual tank models.
SABERjet CNC SawJetThe SABERjet CNC SawJet offers precision stone cutting with both saw and waterjet. The machine is a monoblock design with minimal height requirements and the largest slab coverage with accurate miter cutting: Jet or Blade. Tank options include Tilt Table Slab Loader, Ballast Tank, or Standard.
SABER CNC SawThe SABER’s monoblock design with hydraulic tilt table is an ideal cutting workstation. The SABER elevates the value of a CNC saw by coring holes, cutting radius curves, incremental routing, servo mitering, and automatically cutting a variety of predefined shapes that can be dimensionally scaled. This machine will become the backbone of your operations.
OPTIMUS Robotic SawJetIntroducing the OPTIMUS Robotic SawJet, the ‪Next Generation‬ in our lineup of CNC stone cutting solutions. The OPTIMUS is NOT your standard Robotic Sawjet.
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CNC Routers
TITAN CNC RouterThe TITAN® CNC Router from Park Industries® is the premier CNC finishing router for the stone countertop industry. It lets you route, shape, and polish stone while delivering lower costs and maximum uptime. But what truly sets the TITAN® apart is what it does for your bottom line. With fast machine movements you’ll get more work done faster.
TITAN Fab CenterThe TITAN® Fab Center combines efficient sawing and accurate edging capabilities in one machine. Cut, shape, and polish 120 sq. ft. with 1 machine during 1 shift with 2 operators.
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Bridge Saws
YUKON II Bridge SawQuickly cut stone with the YUKON® II Bridge Saw from Park Industries®. Semi-Auto cutting with mitering, VFD, diagnostic screens, and rotating tilt table to make it easier on operators.
SIERRA Bridge SawThe SIERRA Bridge saw is a heavy-duty saw in a value-priced package. It is built and designed for heavy-duty performance and reliable results. With up to a 16" diamond blade the SIERRA® can cut stone up to 3-3/4" thick. With simple push-button controls and a hand-held pendant for directional control, and a laser-light guide on the bridge, it is easy to set up and operate.
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Edge Polishers
FASTBACK IIThe FASTBACK® II will edge, polish and chamfer backsplash as well as countertops in one single pass. In just one hour, the FASTBACK® II flat edge polisher produces what it would take someone 10 hours to do by hand. The FASTBACK® II Edge and Backsplash Polisher creates finished edges at a rate of 30+ inches per minute.
VELOCITYThe VELOCITY Decorative Edge Polisher and shaper from Park Industries produces consistent top and bottom edge finishes in a single pass. The user-friendly touchscreen allows for quick adjustments for stone thickness, conveyor speed, and spindle staggers. The controls also give an operator the ability to easily make profile changes without any tools.
PRO-EDGE IVThis automatic edge shaper and polisher creates quality edges on granite, marble, and quartz from end to end unlike any other machine on the market.
WIZARDThe WIZARD Radial Arm is multi-purpose machine with a small footprint. With the 360 degree radial arm design, you’re able to make the most use of your space to boost productivity.
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Digital Products/Features
Pathfinder Digital ImagingReduce your material costs by understanding your full and partial slab inventory with a Pathfinder®...
OPSPark Industries OPS Productivity reporting allows you to analysis your production REAL-TIME, on a daily,...
Tool Management Solutions
Atlas Offline Tool MeasurementIncrease your CNC router run-time by offloading your tool measurement to the ATLAS CNC Profile Tool Presetter & Measurement System, the most accurate and dependable system in the market.
ITM - Integrated Tool ManagementLearn how Integrated Tool Management, or ITM, Systems on Park Industries Stone CNC Routers save time on initial tool set up and maintenance. This optional laser measuring tool system for stone centers automaticaaly monitors and compensates for tool wearing.
Used Equipment
Used Equipment For SaleFind used equipment from Park Industries listed here. Call for pricing and details.