SIERRA® Bridge Saw

Value-priced sawing solution.


Reliable, Productive, Value-Priced

Don’t let the value-price fool you. The SIERRA® Bridge Saw from Park Industries® is built and designed for heavy-duty performance and reliable results. With up to a 16" diamond blade the SIERRA® can cut stone up to 3-3/4" thick.



SIERRA Bridge Saw | Powered Tilt Table for Material Handling




Precision Sawing and Mitering

The ruggedly designed SIERRA® Bridge Saw offers dependable, precise cutting on a bridge saw that is built to last, for a value-priced solution. Saw operators gain the flexibility of cutting with a 14" blade or a 16" blade (for a maximum sawing depth of 3-3/4") as well 0-47° miter cutting capabilities for flawless mitered parts. The sawing is all guided by the SIERRA's Laser Position System which allows operators to make any cut needed with confidence.

Easy Operation

With simple push-button controls and a hand-held pendant for directional control, and the laser-light guide on the bridge, the SIERRA® Bridge Saw is easy to set up and operate. It’s built to perform with minimum training and maintenance.

Also offered on the SIERRA Bridge® Saw is a Turn Table with Powered Tilt (optional) for ease of loading and material handling. Designed with operators in mind it provides 360 degree manual rotation, hard stop locations every 45 degrees, central grease location, air brakes, and 0-70° powered tilt.

The SIERRA® - You simply won’t find a better priced, better performance, diamond gantry bridge saw.

Features & Benefits

Value-Priced Bridge Saw Solution:

  • 0-47° degree bridge miter
  • Laser-light guide on the bridge for easy blade positioning
  • Easy-to-use push button pendant controls
  • 15 HP Arbor Motor
  • 14” – 16” inch blade diameter
  • Cut up to 3-3/4" deep and 12' long


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SIERRA® Bridge Saw for Stone Countertop Fabrication
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0-47 Miter

The SIERRA® bridge miter capabilities that produces flawless, precise 0-47° miter cuts.

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TURN TABLE (optional)

360 degree manual rotation, hard stop locations every 45 degrees, central grease location, 0-70 degree powered tilt with air brakes. (Optional Feature)

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Utilize the Laser Positioning System to cut accurately and confidently.

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The SIERRA utilizes a standard 15 HP AC Arbor motor with 1725 RPM.

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CUT UP TO 3-3/4" Depth

The SIERRA offers blade flexibility - utilize a 14" blade for maximum sawing depth of 2-3/4" with 14" blade or use a 16" blade for maximum sawing depth of 3-3/4".

SIERRA® Bridge Saw | Reliable, Productive, Value-Priced 

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"The Sierra is a great saw.  The simple, open design is very nice and makes the saw easy to maintain.  Very simple to operate.  I also like having the ability to customize the Sierra to fit my preferences which is not hard to do with the help of Park’s service.  It is a solid saw – I’ll still have this thing in 20 years"

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