SABERjet™ CNC SawJet

Proven CNC Saw adds innovative waterjet to maximize production with SawJet combination.

SABERjet CNC SawJet for Stone Countertops


New, innovative features added to the proven SABER CNC Saw turn FIERCE production FEROCIOUS, with the introduction of the SABERjet™ CNC SawJet. The SABERjet pairs the latest SawJet technology with the most affordable price.







FEROCIOUS Stone Production

Flexibility, efficiency, and innovation have propelled the SABERjet™ CNC SawJet to a leading sawjet machine in the stone industry. Built off of the success and compact design of the SABER™ 5-Axis CNC Saw, the SABERjet takes a leap forward in productivity with the addition of its precision waterjet system. The energy efficiency of this CNC sawjet is like no other, greatly decreasing fabricator's utility costs with less inrush power consumption.

By adding a precision waterjet to pair with its already fierce blade cutting capabilities - nesting parts, radius cuts, and inside corner cuts have become even faster. What truly separates the SABERjet from other sawjets is its MiterJet capabilities for inside mitered cuts.

The MITER Advantage

With one of the largest mitering work envelopes in the stone industry - up to 7'x12' slab coverage - the SABERjet CNC SawJet is the mitering sawjet of choice. Reach any miter with its precision mitering blade, or use its MiterJet (optional upgrade) - mitering performed with the waterjet in addition to the blade. The accuracy of the blade or jet produces flawless miter cuts allowing for tightly nested, clean, accurate parts.

Arc miters? No problem. The SABERjet quickly and easily performs mitered cuts with its waterjet on non-linear features or sharp 90 degree corners.

Watch the SABERjet™ and its simultaneous 5-Axis Waterjet cutting produce this mitered arc piece.

Compact Design

The small footprint, single-pick, monoblock design of the SABERjet CNC SawJet is ideal. It is a true monoblock design with no bolt-on extensions resulting in extreme rigidity. The compact sawjet machine design requires minimal floor space and offers a low ceiling height requirement - only 11 feet due to the no whip waterjet design.

This sawjet design includes high rails and bellow covered ways that protect the SABERjet CNC SawJet from the harsh elements of stone fabrication and maximize machine uptime/longetivity.

Flexible SawJet Tank Options

Choose the tank that is right for your stone fabrication process as the SABERjet CNC SawJet has three available tank options. All models are designed for easy tank cleaning with single pick slat frame removal. 

Slab Loader (SL) - Patented
The 1500 lb capacity, patented Slab Loader has a hydraulic powered tilt table allowing for safe, efficient loading of slabs, including fragile exotic stones or materials.

Ballast Tank (BT)
The Ballast Tank offers submerged jet cutting which significantly reduces the noise of the waterjet when stone cutting.

Standard (S)
The standard tank is the simplest to operate and comes standard with the SABERjet CNC SawJet.

Flexible, Operator-Friendly Stone Cutting

Advanced CNC SawJet capabilities meet operator-friendly controls to provide stone cutting flexibility. The SABERjet's optional VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) increases the saw's efficiency when cutting ultra-compact surfaces and materials. This VFD option operates at a range of 1500-2500 RPM.

The SABERjet's laser line positioning is a visual guide that allows operators to position the cut path with confidence in its orthogonal cutting mode. Orthogonal cutting mode allows the machine's blade to cut manually in any direction at any desired angle. The complexity of this cutting style is made easy by allowing simple manual cuts without generating a program.

Positioning of the machine can be controlled by using manual joysticks on the HMI or a remote pendant, which allows operators to move freely around the sawjet with literally no strings attached. 

Advanced, Energy-Efficient Waterjet & Pump 

The SABERjet CNC SawJet utilizes a Hypertherm® HyPrecision 60,000 PSI Waterjet, one of the lowest cost of ownership waterjet systems in the stone industry. It has a built in standard motor soft start for the waterjet pump that requires less InRush electrical current which can dramatically reduces your electrical bill. The efficient pump also requires lower energy consumption during waterjet cutting while Hypertherm's booster pump maintains consistent water supply line pressure to the waterjet pump.

Features & Benefits

Sink your Teeth into a CNC SawJet, with the SABERjet™:

  • Up to 7'x12' Slab Coverage
  • Blade Mitering Capabilities
  • MiterJet (Mitering Waterjet) capabilities for inside corners
  • Three Tank Options: Slab Loader (patented), Ballast, or Standard
  • 60,000 PSI Waterjet System w/ Standard Soft Start
  • Dimensionally Scalable Parametric Shapes
  • Minimal Height Requirements - 11 Ft.
  • Monoblock Structure for easy pick & place installation
  • Built-In Digital Imaging
  • Orthogonal Cutting Capabilities
  • Laser Guided Positioning
  • VFD Variable Frequency Drive (RPM)
  • Owner Protection Services™ 
  • Centralized Grease Bank 


Take your stone production from FIERCE to FEROCIOUS with the SABERjet™ CNC SawJet. Contact Us or Find Your Sales Rep.

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SABERjet CNC SawJet for Stone Countertops
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The mitering capability of the SABERjet CNC SawJet produces flawless miter cuts allowing for tightly nested, clean, accurate parts. The SABERjet has one of the largest mitering work envelopes of any machine on the market. The waterjet mitering capability for inside corners is an optional software upgrade on the jet.

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The SABERjet CNC SawJet offers three available tank options: Slab Loader (patented), Ballast, and Standard. All models include tank cleaning made easy with a single pick slat frame removal for tank cleaning.

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Digital Imaging (Optional)

An optional camera is available on the SABERjet CNC SawJet for stone fabricators to place it above the table, photograph the slab, and layout the program at the machine. The high- resolution, wide angle lens will capture the entire table.

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The SABERjet CNC SawJet offers minimal 11 ft. ceiling height requirement. All pressure lines travel inside of the cable carrier, creating a no whip design and keeping the ceiling height 7 ft. lower than other

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HyPrecision Waterjet with Soft Start

The SABERjet CNC SawJet's HyPrecision waterjet allows for tighter parts nesting and radius cuts, providing greater slab yield. The HyPrecision 60,000 psi waterjet brings to market the lowest cost of ownership pump in the stone industry. It is American manufactured by Hypertherm® whose partnership with Park Industries® results in one of the stone industry’s strongest teams in supporting fabricators’ uptime.

Standard Soft Start
Count on lower power usage with the “standard” pump soft start. This energy efficient operation will lower utility costs in your stone fabrication operations.

Water Booster Pump
The booster pump maintains consistent supply line pressure to the waterjet pump of the SABERjet CNC SawJet.

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Easily program with the flexibility and simplicity of the parametric programming feature of the SABERjet CNC SawJet. Enter your dimensions and the sawjet automatically programs the shape to those dimensions .

The SABERjet CNC SawJet controls also include:
- iTEC Touchscreen Interface
- Wireless pendant for convenient set-up

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The bellow covered way protects the SABERjet CNC SawJet from the harsh elements of stone countertop fabrication. The bellows are easily accessible and provide protection for ultimate uptime and longevity of the SawJet.

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The unique monoblock design allows the SABERjet CNC SawJet to be installed and relocated easily, with no special foundation requirements. In addition, the structural integrity of the SABERjet results in incredible tolerances and accuracy.

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LASER-GUIDED Orthogonal Cutting

The SABERjet CNC SawJet allows for manual orthogonal stone cutting with the blade in any direction at any desired angle. The complexity of this manual mode cutting is made easy with the SABERjet. It allows simple manual cuts without generating a program.

Laser-Guided Sawing
The SABERjet CNC SawJet's laser is a visual guide that allows operators to position the cut path in manual orthogonal cutting mode to ensure the blade is positioned correctly prior to cutting stone. The laser allows operators to quickly make position adjustments to ensure accurate cuts.

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The SABERjet CNC SawJet includes OPS, Owner Protection Services for Stone Fabricators.

OPS Productivity:
- Capture Real-Time Measurements of SawJet Performance
- Easy and Customizable Goal Setting
- Advanced Metric Programming and Reporting on SawJet Stone Cutting

OPS Maintenance:
- Automatic Maintenance Notifications for SawJet
- Electronic PM Manual
- Machine Maintenance Logs

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The SawJet utilizes Alphacam, an intelligent and intuitive CAD/CAM software for stone fabrication that provides customers with productivity, reliability and flexibility. Alphacam has been specifically developed to address the unique challenges of machining stone. Alphacam is the leader and software of choice for stone fabricators around the world.

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The SABERjet CNC SawJet automatically stops running if any obstruction passes through the safety beams while the machine is in operation.



SABERjet  CNC SawJet | Arc Miters with 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting


SABERjet  CNC SawJet | Fully Mitered Sink


SABERjet  CNC SawJet | MiterJet (Mitering Waterjet)


SABERjet  CNC SawJet | Machine Installation at Nature's Stone


Ideal Surfaces | Hypertherm® HyPrecision Waterjet Value


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"The SABERjet™ has completely flipped our game! Our profits have increased, our turnaround time is faster, and the safety of our shop has been transformed. We have no dust in our shop. The SABERjet™ has had ridiculously positive effects on our shop.”

Victor Swithenbank III
Contemporary Concepts

"We chose the SABERjet™ because of how easy it is to run….It’s so simple. I can easily  move it around in my shop if my shop changes. The main reason is the waterjet’s mitering capabilities. We do a lot of high end work that’s real tight. Now I have the SABERjet cutting my inside miter corners and I don’t have my guys wasting hour after hour cutting the debris off miters. "

David Roberts
Granite Perfection

"We used to hand fabricate every inside miter corner. With the SABERjet™, we save an hour on each corner. We have many projects with this type of edging so the time savings is huge!"

Rob + Julie Foley
Sierra Stone Fabrication


"One of the Lowest Cost Of Ownership Waterjet System in the Stone Industry"


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