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Maintenance & Productivity

The exclusive Park Industries® Owner Protection Services, or OPS, is designed to help Park CNC machine owners get the most out of their investment. OPS consists of two main functions: Maintenance and Productivity. 

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OPS Productivity

OPS Productivity has multiple uses that are beneficial for understanding how your shop is doing and boosting productivity. View and understanding your shop's production; set goals and measure reports with machine data against them; and add custom costs (like labor and overhead) to track the costs of your shop. OPS Productivity gives you the tools to effectively manage your business.

Can you answer the following questions about your business?

  • How many slabs did you finish today?
  • How long does it take to finish a slab?
  • What shift is more efficient - 1st or 2nd?
  • Are you setting daily goals? Are you meeting these goals?
  • If there is a weakness or issue in your shop, is it easy to pinpoint?

Answer these questions about your shop and more with OPS Productivity Reporting.

Capture Real-Time Measurements.

Enables you to view your current production progress and see how close or far away you are from meeting the goals you set up. This allows you to make adjustments or changes midstream. This allows you to get the most out of your day's production. With the OPS Productivity software you can view these measurements from your office, your home, or any combination of places you would like see how your shop's production is doing.

Easy and Customizable Goal Setting.

Establish your goals however you would like. You can do standard weekly goals, or get in depth with daily goals. OPS allows you to mark and account for non-production days in your goal setting so the report is extremely accurate. Goals can be set for both square and lineal feet, which can both be set by $/per foot and Ft/per hour.

Advanced Metric Programming and Reporting.

OPS Productivity has the ability to generate reports based upon daily, weekly, monthly, or a customized date range you select. There are three different types of reports it can generate: Detailed, Summary, and by Shift. These reports are accurate statistics from actual machine runtimes. They are not estimates.  

OPS Productivity automatically records data from machines as they run. This requires no extra work from personnel and eliminates the possibility of user error.

OPS Maintenance

OPS Maintenance is an integrated system into Park CNC machines to help you maintain your most valuable assets.

Peace of Mind.

Are you losing track of maintenance deadlines? Need “Peace of Mind” that your machines are being properly taken care of? Set your worries aside with the Park Industries® OPS Maintenance program. 

Automatic Notifications

The OPS maintenance program automatically notifies fabricators, right at the control, of routine preventive maintenance required based on the hours of machine run time.

Electronic PM Manual

Access the preventive maintenance manual right at the machine - no need to locate books or binders!

Maintenance Logs

Emails will be sent validating when maintenance has been completed.

Currently available for the FUSION®, TITAN®, SABER, SABERjet, OPTIMUS, and FASTBACK® II - OPS from Park Industries®.

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