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Stone Capacity:



up to 12' up to 12' up to 12'

Width (unguided)

up to 30"

up to 12' up to 12'
Thickness 1-6 cm 1-15.25 cm 2-6 cm





Back Gauged

  X X

Single Pass

X   X

Programmable Defined Edges

  70 70

Edge Capabilities:


Flat Eased


Flat Eased w/ Radius

  X X


  X X
Demi-Bullnose   X X
Half Bullnose   X X
Ogee   X  


  X X

Production Rate

Linear ft/hr 

150'  15'  120' 

Other Stone Machinery Comparisons:

The VELOCITY® is a stone-eating machine. This machine will bring your productivity to a whole new level and propel you in a new league of fabrication.

Paul Menninger
Capitol Granite

Our FASTBACK® is performing extremely well with good end-to-end polish. We used to have 2 full-time labor positions to handle what the FASTBACK® is producing in 4 hours of operation.

Jerry Herring
Planet Granite

We had the Sasso Flying Flat which worked well for us over the past 6 years however, the quality and flexibility of the FASTBACK® is far superior.  We are now running production tops thru the FASTBACK® which eliminates even more hand polishing and TITAN machine time.  My operators are fighting over who gets to run the FASTBACK® and have started running splashes directly off the FUSION vs. stacking them to the side and hoping someone else would run them.

Scott Hanes
Majestic Marble & Granite

Everything with this machine continues to go well. The only thing I would change about my experience with the FASTBACK® is buying one sooner! 

Mark Sheibelhut
Custom Stone Interiors

The FASTBACK® is a very easy machine to run.  We push 30 inches of material through this machine every minute.  It is a highly productive machine that has increased our productivity 10 fold.

Blake Wamstad
Hatton Granite Countertops