PRO-EDGE® IV Automatic Edge Shaper and Polisher

Finish more lineal feet per hour for straight, high-demand countertop edge shapes.


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The PRO-EDGE® IV shapes and polishes a variety of convex edges. In addition, concave and ogee edges can be shaped and polished. The advanced control panel guides the operator through automatic steps and up to 70 programmable, repeatable edge profiles.

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Fast, Precision Stone Polishing

Produce in 1 hour what it takes 5 hours to do by hand with the PRO-EDGE® IV Edge Polisher. This automatic edge shaper and polisher creates quality edges on granite, marble, and quartz from end to end unlike any other machine on the market.

The PRO-EDGE® IV Polisher is a fine-tuned combination of electronics and hydraulics that shapes and polishes a variety of convex edges from 3/8" to 6" thick and flat edges from 3/8" to 4" thick and up to 12' long, as well as concave and ogee edges.

Operator Friendly Machine Design

The user-friendly color touchscreen controls are intuitive and easy to operate. Managing material on the PRO-EDGE® IV Polisher is easy with the unique rubber surface. Stone surfaces are securely held polished side down with pneumatic hold-downs for exceptional polish quality. When the machine is finished, popup rollers make moving the material easy for a single operator, saving time and labor.

Features & Benefits

  • Production: 12 feet per hour
  • Stores up to 70 repeatable Convex, Concave, and Ogee edge profiles
  • Simple programming and operations
  • Ability to Bullnose tile
  • Profile shaping and polishing thickness from 3/8” to 6”
  • Advanced help and diagnostic capabilities


Quickly finish and polish more linear feet/hour of even the hardest stone materials with the PRO-EDGE IV® Edge Polisher. Contact Us or Find Your Sales Rep.

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PRO-EDGE IV Automatic Edge Shaper and Polisher for Stone Countertop Fabrication.
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Edge Types: Convex, Flat, Ogee, Concave, Bullnose

Shaping & Polishing length: 1’ to 12'
Profile shaping & polishing thickness: 3/8” to 6”
Radius capacity: 0” – 3” radius

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Material Handling Rollers on Work Table

Pneumatic, pop-up, all way rollers on full table. Assists in positioning, loading, and unloading stone - 2500lbs. total lifting capacity.

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Full color, high resolution touch screen displays complete information to control machine and setup edge profiles. Program Library stores up to 70 programmable, repeatable edge profiles allow different machine setups to be made quickly and easily.

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SPINDLE: 2/2.5 HP @ 1710/3420 RPM (dual speed), Pneumatic head travel with position lock, Center water feed, and more.

SPINDLE MITER: Utilizes hardened alloy steel C-arm for 0 to 180 degree miter range

PRO-EDGE® IV Polisher | Get the Edge

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"The PRO-EDGE® IV Edge Polisher has helped increase production and get more finished countertops out the door. We've had no issues with operating this machine, it's compact, and the chore of maintenance has been eased."

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