ITM - Integrated Tool Management System

Save Time on Initial Tool Set Up & Maintenance


Automate CNC Tooling Setup

Park’s ITM, an optional laser tool measurement system for TITAN® CNC Stone Centers, is the tool that will automatically monitor and compensate for tooling wear. Get consistently better stone finishes and peace-of-mind production performance knowing you’ve always got optimized diamond contact on your material.



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Park’s optional laser tool measurement system for TITAN® CNC Stone Centers is a faster, more accurate way to do initial tooling setup than is possible with manual measurement methods. No math skills are required. Activation is fast and simple. The operator uses a touchscreen interface to indicate which tools to check and then presses cycle start. You can do a single tool, a complete set or the whole tool rack, it’s up to you.

Rugged & Reliable

The system utilizes a rugged, reliable Renishaw laser system for scanning. There’s no probe to break or constant operator intervention needed. The laser is mounted on the tool rack out of the way of production activities and protected from contamination with positive air pressure. Tools are spun at 1,000 rpm for scanning to ensure accurate high-point measurements. The tooling moves in the Z-axis through the path of laser beam.

How it Works

The laser dynamically scans multiple points in diameter and length of the tool to determine the optimum alignment point for each tool. Special mathematic algorithms determine the best locations to measure different tool types (encapsulated, non-encapsulated). Information is returned to the machine’s control where the tooling library is updated. Operators are prompted to acknowledge scan results for each tool.

Simple color codes speed tooling validation: green means tools are OK; yellow means tools should be examined; and red indicates tools are worn beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations. The color system helps operators understand tooling wear so that they can react quickly to avoid excessive wear on other tools as well as compromised edge quality.

Measure On Your Time

With the laser tool measurement system, you can also schedule tooling checks during overnight hours, preserving valuable machine running time.



TITAN CNC Router with ITM Integrated Tool Management System

ITM Features & Benefits

  • Significantly reduces tooling costs
  • Slash initial tooling setup times by 50% or more
  • Get higher quality parts by ensuring you’re always using the maximum diamond contact per tool
  • Schedule tooling scans overnight or at other off-line times - Save time & labor
  • Tools are air-purged prior to scanning to remove any accuracy-robbing moisture
  • Scan a single tool, a set or your whole rack automatically 


Learn how the ITM Integrated Tool Management System maximizes CNC Router Production. Available on both the TITAN® CNC Router and TITAN® CNC Fab Center from Park Industries®. Contact Us or Find Your Sales Rep.

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"Before the ITM system, I was reshaping my tools every 2,500 lineal feet. With the ITM, I now reshape every 9,000 lineal feet resulting in HUGE savings. The ITM paid for itself in just a few months."

Blake Wamstad
Hatton Granite

"The polish off the TITAN® is incredible. The Integrated Tool Management (ITM) system has eliminated any need for fit and finish. There is no touch up needed on the edges - at all, which has saved us considerable time and money."

John Daiber
K & D Counter Tops

"Through years of machining experience, and with the help of the TITAN®'s Integrated Tool Management, I have proudly achieved 10,800 linear ft. with 1 set of A.D.I 80mm tooling. Previously, we were lucky to push 2,500 ft. with our previous CNCs from a different stone machine manufacturer.”

Dave Egnor
Michigan Kitchen Distributors

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