RealStone Supply


Founded in 2002, RealStone Supply, LLC manufactures a variety of natural stone products including their signature line of Glacial Till Granite. The company has endured many challenges over the years such as 2 ownership changes, a significant economic recession, and labor shortages. Despite these obstacles, RealStone has persevered while focusing on positioning RealStone for a successful future.

A focal point in their blueprint for success was strengthening dealer relationships through exceptional customer service. In order to accomplish this, RealStone understood that they needed to reduce lead times and increase their production efficiencies. They invested in new equipment, the Thinstone® TXS-3000 Whisper, in order to meet their objectives.

The TXS-3000 from Park Industries® was implemented into the facility in 2017. Upon acquiring one of the very first TXS-3000 saws available, RealStone realized the impact immediately.

Mike McManimon, the President of RealStone, shares, “This saw is easy to operate, service, and has significantly increased our production capacity. Our investment in this advanced equipment has allowed us to become more productive with the same labor inputs. Our production rate, based on demand and inventory levels, has the ability to exceed 16,000+ square feet per month, running one shift.”

Aside from the increased production, RealStone has seen an improvement in the safety and quality of the workplace for their employees. Mike elaborates, “The TXS-3000 is very quiet due to the noise dampening hood and it produces virtually no residual dust creating a better work environment for our employees.” The fabrication employees at RealStone are very happy with the improvements the new machinery has made in the workplace.

Mike shares, “Park Industries® manufactures a great product and they have been a pleasure to work with.” RealStone appreciates that Park Industries® reflects their values of customer care which has helped build a strong relationship between the two companies.



RealStone Supply, LLC
Bagley, MN

Weekly Production: About 4,000 sq. ft.
Park Equipment Owned: ThinStone® TXS-3000 Whisper