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Business Intelligence

SECONDS MATTER! Keep your machines running, anytime, anywhere with the latest innovation in business intelligence software. Park IQ™ software delivers machine performance and status, alerts, planned vs. actual production and more, direct to you, 24/7.

  • Real-Time

  • Machine
    Cycle Status

  • Simple, Intuitive

ParkIQ Software for Stone Machinery | Metrics, Reporting, and more


Anytime, Anywhere.

Introducing Park IQ™

Keep your machines running, anytime, anywhere with the latest innovation in software, Park IQ™ Business Intelligence Software.

Park IQ™ is the tool to:

  • Retrieve, analyze, transform, and report your shop’s performance real-time
  • Connect your machine’s production data into a single reporting platform
  • Make data-driven decisions regarding your operations with detailed shop metrics
  • Identify bottlenecks and efficiency opportunities that will improve your bottom-line profitability
  • Understand your shop’s performance 24/7, anytime, anywhere

Business Drivers

Sound business decisions are made with data. Metrics highlight important data points fueling your business’s success and profitability.

The Park IQ™ metrics platform will provide you answers to the following:

  • Am I on track with production today?
  • What do I need to do to ensure production expectations are met?
  • How do I plan for peak production?
  • Do I have what I need to keep the shop running?
  • How do I stay informed?
  • What is my shop’s production trends over time?
  • How do I improve?

“The ability to capitalize on data insights and analytics can make or break a company.” – Forbes

Move your business to the next level with data driven decisions, utilizing Park IQ™ Business Intelligence software.

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Make Decisions with Data.

Efficiency & Productivity

  • Real-time Metrics Dashboard
  • Machine Status (In Cycle, Idle, Pause, Off, Alarm)
  • Planned vs. Actual Production (Customized Date Range)
  • Trend Reports

Maintenance Focused

  • Tool Wear Tracking
  • Maintenance Management
  • Maintenance Scheduling

Increased Visibility

  • User Profiles and Notifications
  • SaaS Software for 24/7 Access
  • Alarms Notifications
  • Many, many more…

Park IQ™ Case Study

Lyle Pederson, a manufacturing manager at Park Industries, was facing some challenges similar to countertop shop managers and owners…Listen to Lyle’s story – one which would’ve been made extremely easier, had a software like Park IQ been available to him.

Built With Fabricator Feedback

You asked and we listened. Park Industries® developed the Park IQ™ software platform for fabricators with feedback and input from fabricators. From the original concept, voice-of customer surveys, and test beta sites, this software platform was created with input and guidance.