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Slab Managment and Inventory Pathfinder from Park Industries

Digital Slab Station

Capture precise, fully-calibrated images of your stone slabs in high resolution on the all in one Pathfinder® Digital Imaging workstation. Build a visual library of your slab and remnant inventory, or create scaled, rendered images for further programming on your CNC. Get the most out of each slab by marking unusable areas before they reach the production machine.


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Pathfinder Digital Slab Photo Station for Countertops
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All in One Powerful Workstation

3D Viualization, HD Slab Capture for Inventory, & Vein Matching

Reduce Your Material Costs

Reduce your material costs by understanding your full and partial slab inventory with a Pathfinder® from Park Industries®. In addition, you will improve your shops productivity and will be able to fully manage your slab inventory.

Powerful Worktstation

The Pathfinder® workstation is designed to capture precise, fully-calibrated images of your stone slab in high resolution. Whether you want to build a visual library of your slab inventory, or create scaled images for further programming on your CNC Saw, Fab Center, or CNC Saw/Waterjet, the Pathfinder® workstation is a rock-solid platform for consistent, accurate imaging.

Unmatched Image Accuracy

The Pathfinder® and Slabsmith™ combination ensures that the color of the slab is accurate and consistent from slab to slab. Even small variations in color can be seen during the layout process. You can see slight changes in color variations even with uniform material like quartz. The accuracy goes beyond just the length and width of the slab. In fact, any random point on the slab is correct. Virtually all distortions that result from the camera lens are eliminated.

Vein Matching & Optimal Yield Layouts

With Slabsmith™ you can create two layouts options – a layout that results in optimal yield, and another layout that results in exceptional beauty by matching the veins of the material. Propose both options to the customers, each priced appropriately, and let the customer decide. You will be surprised at how often the customer will select the grain matching option verses the yield option.

Vein Matching
The Slabsmith™ software allows you to develop a countertop that appears flawless with the veins matching precisely over the entire kitchen or design.

Optimal Yield
The optimal yield option will utilize the space on a slab most efficiently and allow for common line cutting.

Visualize Countertop in 3-D

Using the powerful Slabsmith™ software, the Pathfinder® captures precise, fully-calibrated images in high resolution. These images are stored in the slab inventory and are also used for slab layout enabling customers to see their countertop, in 3-D, before any stone processing has begun.

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HD Slab Capture

Capture precise, fully-calibrated images of your stone slab in high resolution to build your digital slab library.


Built In PC

A true slab capturing work station, PC included.

light stands pathfinder digital slab station park industries

Lights and Light Stands

Ensure clean, accurate photos that show every detail of each slab with high quality lighting. (Optional)


Steel Slab Rack

Heavy-duty steel rack easily holds large slabs.


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Before I had Slabsmith, I was manually trying to keep track of the partial slabs that I had in inventory. Now, with Slabsmith and the Pathfinder®, I know exactly what my partial slabs are [stone type and size] and am able to use these partial slabs for different jobs. This has had a huge impact on my material costs!

Greg Kivett

TrendStone, LLC

Technical Info

Pathfinder Digital Slab Photo Station for Countertops

Physical Equipment

Photo Workstation with PC, Digital Camera & Mounting Kit, Steel Slab Rack, Lights and Light Stands

Max Slab Size (Length x Width)

12' x 7'


Slabsmith™ Full Bundle

Add Ons

Barcode Scanner, Printer, Labels, Ribbon

Machine Footprint (Width x Height x Length)

32' x 9' x 27'

Machine Weight

2,000 lbs.

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