Side-Shot | At Machine Digital Slab Station for CNC Sawing

Digital Slab Station

The all new SIDE-SHOT™ provides fabricators the tools to capture slab images right at the machine with an extremely small footprint requirement. The SIDE-SHOT™ incorporates Slabsmith™ Lite software for vein matching and 3D rendering.

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The Perfect CNC Saw Sidekick

Simple, flexible slab digitizing with a small footprint - right at your saw.

SlabSmith™ Lite

The SIDE-SHOT™ photo station utilizes Slabsmith™ Lite, offering a lower cost entry point for accurate digital slab layouts:

  • Capture high dimensional accuracy of digital slabs
  • Vein matched kitchen preview before cutting the slabs (Limited to 2 slabs)
  • Optimal material yield for common line cutting and efficient slab utilization
  • Able to communicate with multiple cameras (great for twin table machines)
  • Ability to upgraded to full Slabsmith™ Basic Bundle for the difference in cost at anytime

*Note – with this being the “Lite” version there are some differences from the Slabsmith™ Basic Bundle.

View comparison of the different Slabsmith™ software versions >

Add-On For New Digital Saws

The SIDE-SHOT™ photo station is offered as an option to be used right at the machine with any of Park Industries® digital sawing solutions including the OPTIMUS™ Robotic Sawjet, SABERjet™ XP CNC Sawjet, VOYAGER™ XP CNC Saw, FUSION® CNC SawJet, SABER™ CNC Saw, and TITAN® Fab Center.

Compatible with Existing Digital Saws

Want to turn your current digital sawing station into an additional slab photo station for your shop? Add the SIDE-SHOT™ photo station for extra slab capturing capacity, quick captures, or a backup to your primary photo station.

The Marketing Advantage

The SIDE-SHOT™ and Slabsmith™ combination allows fabricators to overlay customer’s layout DXF file on digitally captured slab images. Create a complete 3-D rendered image of your customer’s countertop!


VOYAGER XP CNC Saw w/ SIDE-SHOT | Premier Stone Design


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    The Park team, from sales to service and everyone in between, has shown their commitment to us. As an owner, I know I can count on them to have my back.

    Narelle Hooker

    McKenzie Stone & Tile

    We wouldn’t be where we are today without Park Industries®. What they offer is so much more than a machine…they help you grow into a business rather than just an income.

    The Martinez's

    San Marcos Marble & Tile

    My experience with Park Industries® and their equipment has been wonderful. Production and profit have proved it. I can’t say anything bad about Park – they feel like an extension of the business. They feel like family.

    Mike Langenderfer

    The Countertop Shop

    The machines have been worth every penny and the customer service is second to none. It’s been hands down, the best investment we ever made.

    Derick & Winnie Hunt

    Cabinet & Granite Depot

    Park Industries® makes you feel comfortable investing based upon how you are treated along the way and the results you get at the end. The machines are paying themselves off quickly and the whole experience has been great.

    Courtney & Oskar Gruber

    Chippewa Stone

    Park Industries® service is incredible. They are always there to help you and keep you running. They always go the extra mile to making me happy. It just makes you feel confident in your equipment and like you can sleep at night…Peace of Mind.

    Paul Volpe

    East Coast Countertops

    We’ve experienced really great service from a really great company [Park Industries®]. I’ve never dealt with a company or manufacturer like Park with such great technical support!

    Gregorio Aragon

    Topline Counter LLC

    We really rely on the customer service that we receive from Park Industries®. We can get a hold of someone immediately. Parts are overnighted. We’ve got someone who’s got our back.

    Philip Kern

    Old World Tile & Granite

    Thank you for helping us take a giant step going from a Blue Ripper rail saw to the VOYAGER™  XP CNC Saw. I appreciate how helpful Park Industries® was every step of the way! With their help, I’m a SMALL business making BIG changes!

    Jon Van Weele

    Southern edge Countertops

    I received a nice “Thank You” note in the mail for purchasing our new SABERjet™ XP…I should be the one thanking you. Years and years ago when I purchased my first bridge saw from Park, you guys became like family. You’ve been a pleasure to work with and your advice has been invaluable.

    If I had to say what two things have influenced our company’s growth the most, I would hands down say Park Industries® and ISFA. I have been blessed in so many ways and Park is one of those blessings.

    Mike Langenderfer

    The Countertop Shop

    The reason we keep choosing Park after 30 years is we simply can’t afford downtime and their machinery is unmatched in that regard. It lasts and is built well – the first saw I bought from them in 1990 is still running. More importantly they stand behind their product – we have parts fast and their customer service is top notch. It’s been a successful journey.

    Dave Stockett

    Stockett Tile & Granite

    We wouldn’t of reached our goals if we didn’t have equipment that could get the job done and Park Industries® machinery gets the job done.

    Rick Bayne

    Mesa Fully Formed

    When I am cutting 30 slabs a day, I cannot afford for my machines to be down…it’d be a huge cost for my business. What separates Park Industries® from the rest, is they make sure my machinery will not stay down. Their customer service is great and I can get a part here by 10am the next morning 99.9% of the time.

    Jason Borden

    Chivino Surfaces

    Chivino Surfaces couldn’t be here today without Park Industries® equipment. I’m proud to say that I’m 100% Park Industries®.

    Jason Borden

    Chivino Surfaces

    Surrounding yourself with a reliable partner is key to any business success. We have found that partner in Park Industries®.

    Billy Waters

    Texas Custom Granite Co.

    Even if a machine from a different company is less expensive, I wouldn’t go with it. I am loyal to Park Industries® for what they have done to help build my business. They’ve helped me so much and taken great care of me.

    Mike Alnaser

    AA Granite Fabrication Center

    First I thank God, second I thank Park Industries®.

    Mike Alnaser

    AA Granite Fabrication Center

    Thank you Park Industries for making great machinery that stands the test of time.

    Grant Stewart

    Countertops Inc.

    The people are extremely helpful. Park is a company you want to do business with.

    David Paxton

    Paxton Countertops

    They are very solidly built, rugged pieces of equipment. Very little downtime in the 15+ years we’ve operated Park machines.

    Dave Scott

    Slabworks of Montana

    The quality of the equipment is outstanding, especially compared to other competitive equipment we’ve had in the past.

    John Cognevich

    Stone Interiors

    The equipment is top quality. We’ve been running strong for over 5 years with very little issues. There hasn’t been a day we’ve actually physically been down. Absolutely exceptional.

    Stacy Kruse

    Kruse's Natural Stone & Tile

    When we partnered with Park Industries®, we easily doubled the amount of money we make in a year. We are able to work way faster with increased precision and no mistakes!

    David Roberts

    Granite Perfection

    We have done business with Park Industries® for over 10 years. The associates at Park have become our trusted advisors and have helped us grow our business tremendously, increasing our volume by nearly 300% and decreasing our production costs by over 50%. We absolutely recommend Park to other fabricators.

    Blake & Jill Wamstad

    Hatton Granite

    The service and accountability of Park Industries® after the sale is one the biggest reasons that we continue to partner with our trusted machine manufacturer. Park makes us feel peace of mind – 100%.

    Rob & Julie Foley

    Sierra Stone Fabrication

    Park Industries has the best in support and service. That’s why we bought from them.

    Joe Kim

    A2Z Granite & Tile

    With this many helpful, friendly people in your organization, why would we buy elsewhere?

    Derrick Burgans

    Prestige Custom Stone

    Park Industries should be extremely proud of its employees and designs. In 20 years of manufacturing with GE, Siemens, Medtronic, and CHEP, I have purchased and installed my share of CNC/Robotic equipment, but have never had equipment that was able to run immediately after the initial install and perform exactly as the sales person sold it…… are a first!

    Scott Hanes

    Majestic Marble & Granite

    Park Industries is one of the most organized, well-run company I have ever worked with.

    Scott Lynch

    U.S. Granite

    Park Industries has NO sales pressure tactics and continues to provide great service after the sale. I am looking forward to purchasing additional machines from Park in the future.

    Don Senft

    Natural Stoneworks

    Technical Info

    Side-Shot | At Machine Digital Slab Station for CNC Sawing

    Physical Equipment

    Photo Workstation with PC, Digital Camera with Mounting Post

    Max Slab Size (Length x Width)

    12' x 7'

    Camera Post Height Range



    Slabsmith™ Lite

    Add Ons

    Multiple Camera Capable

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