CAD / CAM Software

Alphacam is a leading supplier of CAD/ CAM software for the stone industry, utilized for programming on all Park CNC machines. "Alphacam Stone" has been specifically developed to address the unique challenges encountered when machining stone and stone-like materials and is the tool of choice for the modern stone craftsman.


Alphacam made easy.

Exclusive Park Toolbars

While alphacam is used by multiple machine manufacturers within the stone industry, what makes alphacam unique for Park customers is that our team of software engineers have developed special toolbars to simplify the use of alphacam. These Toolbars are built in macros and merge many software functions into one button – think of them as “Easy Buttons”.

Exclusively designed by Park Industries®, the Toolbars make the job of nesting pieces and tool pathing a breeze for the programmer because the easy buttons consolidate a number of keystrokes into just one, intuitive button.

Park’s Exclusive Toolbars for alphacam

Unique Programming FUNCTIONS

alphacam parametric shapes park industries cnc software and programming

Parametric Programming

Easy buttons that allow fabricators to quickly draw geometries. This process automates the cutting of a variety of predefined parametric shapes that can be dimensionally scaled. Select the shape, add your dimensions and you have your path– it’s that simple!

alphacama autotool path park industries cnc software and programming

AutoTool Path

Park Industries® CNC Saws come with an AutoTool path button that will do all of the work for you! The AutoTool path feature tells the machine where to start/stop and when to switch to other tools such as a waterjet in tight nested slabs, simplifying the programmers job while eliminating human error.

alphacama ultracompact automation park industries cnc software and programming

Ultracompact automation

A button for ultracompact materials such as Dekton and Porcelain, automatically programming the appropriate feed rates. No more standing at the machine and controlling the feed rate as the blade enters and exits the material.

Post Programming Functions

Job Simulation

After programming is complete, you can use the simulation feature. For example, on the TITAN CNC Router, you could quickly simulate your program to be sure that toolpaths have been applied properly and won’t collide with the vacuum pods. This is done before the G-code is ever sent to the machine, eliminating potential tool and stone damage.

Simulation Screenshot

Streamlined From Software to Machine

Once all of the Tool paths have been applied, the G-code is sent to the machine with a click of a button. A job report is provided for the operator, including an approximate runtime. The operator scans the barcode, bringing up the correct program on the CNC and they hit the start button on the machine – it’s that simple!

Job Report Example