ThinStone Veneer Saw

Packed with innovative features, the ThinStone® TXS-3000 Whisper will bring your thinstone productivity to a new level of production. Patented V-belt technology, sound dampening and noise containment system, and simple touchscreen control are only a few of the revolutionary features of the ThinStone® TXS-3000 Whisper.

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  • Stone & Brick

TXS3000 Machine
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Feature Packed. Value Driven.

Economically transform full dimensional stone and brick into thin veneer flats or 90-degree corners in minutes.

Quick, Simple, Profitable

Our patented ThinStone® TXS-3000 Whisper veneer saw makes cutting thinstone veneer flats and 90-degree corners quick, simple, and profitable. The unique v-structured cutting surface easily cuts split-face or natural finished sandstone, brick, limestone, and other hard stones.

Revolutionary Design

A solid foundation that’s built to last:

  • Patented Design
  • Stone Separator Conveyor
  • Belt Coordinated Amp Control
  • Vulcanized Belts
  • Armor Shield Protection

Power Packed

Optimal efficiency and employee safety focused:

  • 50 hp Motor
  • Arbor Motor Soft Start
  • Arbor VFD (Optional)
  • Whisper Sound Dampening System
  • Wash-Down Duty Electric Motors
  • Safety Guarding
  • Ergonomic Design

Operational Flexibility

Designed to meet your fabrication needs:

  • Spray Bar Washing
  • Thickness Adjustments: 1/2″ minimum to 2 1/2″ maximum
  • Manual Height Adjustments
  • Flexible Machine Configuration: Right or Left hand
  • Hinged Blade Guarding
  • Water Forks for easy blade changes

Simple Controls

Intuitive, simple operation:

  • Interactive Visual Controls with touchscreen
  • Simple to Set Controls
  • Troubleshooting Tips
  • Hour Meter informational tool
  • Simple On/Off, Pause, Start/Stop button controls
  • Conveniently located Water Shut-Off Valve

Key Feature

Whisper Technology

Select the feature you'd like to learn about or slide through them below.

50 hp motor TXS thinstone saw park industries

50 HP Motor

The 50 hp arbor motor on the ThinStone® TXS-3000 Whisper model ensures that you have enough power to cut through the hardest of material at optimal speeds. An arbor motor soft start feature reduces the load, torque and electrical current surge during start-up, prolonging part life while reducing operational costs. Also available as an option, optimize your blade cutting speed to match any stone type with the optional arbor VFD, allowing operators to speed up the arbor RPM 150% from base belt/sheave RPM.


Sound Dampening System (WHISPER)

The sound dampening system on the ThinStone® TXS-3000 Whisper significantly absorbs sound and maintains impressively low noise levels. Employee safety was a key focus in developing this sound dampening system.



The Separating Conveyor on the ThinStone® TXS-3000 Whisper separates and groups finished pieces while sending stone that needs to be cut again back toward the operator.


Patented "V" Belt Design

The ThinStone® TXS-3000 Whisper Patented dual conveyor belts are placed in a configuration of a “V” design. The belts simultaneously move stone through the blades. Gravity assists with the stone security through the cutting process because the belts are positioned perpendicular and are at 45 degree angle to the floor.

TXS-3000 Whisper ThinStone Veneer Saw Spray Bar Washing from Park Industries

Spray Bar Washing

Park Industries® has incorporated a unique spray bar that washes the stone so that operators can immediately package the ThinStone® pieces for optimal productivity.



The ThinStone® TXS-3000 Whisper utilizes an intuitive, simple operation with the following:

- Interactive Visual Controls with touch screen
- Simple to Set Controls
- Troubleshooting Tips
- Hour Meter informational tool
- Simple On/Off, Pause, Start/Stop button controls


Belt Coordinated Amp Control

Another unique feature of the ThinStone® TXS-3000 Whisper is the amp control which adjusts the conveyor belt speeds to the cutting load for optimal efficiency.



The ThinStone® TXS-3000 Whisper incorporates a vulcanized belt with no belt lacing allowing for seamless production.


ThinStone® TXS-3000 Whisper Saw: Feature Packed. Value Driven.


Cutting Brick Veneer at Hedberg Aggregates | TXS-3000 Whisper


TXS-3000 Whisper Cutting Brick | Flats & Corners


TXS-3000 ThinStone® Whisper | Separator Conveyor


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    We wouldn’t even be able to be in the veneer market without the TXS-3000.

    Steve Hedberg

    Hedberg Aggregates

    The TXS-3000 Whisper is built extremely well and produces clean cuts for our brick production with minimal chipping. It’s very easy to service with the pop-up shroud design. You can just tilt the shroud. Also the whisper technology has significantly reduces the noise of the machine. We run all sizes of brick cut to 5/8” thick cutting both flats and corners, producing approximately 40,000 brick veneer slabs per week with it.

    Cloud Ceramics/Kansas Brick

    First and foremost, our ThinStone® TXS machine paid for itself in under two months. Secondly, if it was not for the TXS we would not have been able to meet our customer’s needs. Finally, the total experience in dealing with Park Industries® has been refreshing and first class.

    T.J. Jaworsky

    Blakes Wholesale Stone

    The ThinStone® TXS machine is unbelievable. It will be a while before we get our crew up to the capability of the machine. I love the unbreakable-ness of it, and I love all the support.

    Mike Harrington

    Stoneyard Building Materials

    From an efficiency perspective, there have been substantial improvements. Previously, we had to wash every piece of stone before putting it on the machine. The addition of the spray bar takes a step out of the process. Our stone is the cleanest it’s ever been coming off the ThinStone® TXS-3000 Whisper and we are very happy with the machine. We love working with Park Industries®.

    Trevor Holcomb

    Champlain Stone

    This ThinStone® TXS-3000 Whisper is easy to operate, service, and has significantly increased our production capacity. Our investment in this advanced equipment has allowed us to become more productive with the same labor inputs. Our production rate, based on demand and inventory levels, has the ability to exceed 16,000+ square feet per month, running one shift. Park Industries® manufactures a great product and they have been a pleasure to work with.

    Mike McManimon


    The TXS machine makes it easy to adjust blade thickness. The flexibility of the machine produces high-quality cuts of thin brick, thin brick corners, and lipped stretchers. The TXS Machine has cut our production time in about half. It is a huge labor savings.

    Gerry Gunning

    Interstate Brick

    Technical Info


    Cut Types

    Flats & Corners

    Material Type

    Stone (Sandstone, Limestone, and More Natural Hard Stones), and Brick

    Stone Capacity

    16" High
    16" Wide

    Arbor Motor Size

    50 hp

    Conveyor (Adjustable) Speed

    0.5 to 10 FPM with Automatic Amp Control

    Discharge Options

    Right or Left Handed

    Machine Footprint (Includes Clearance)

    21' 1" Length (X)
    13' .375" Width (Y)
    8.5' Height

    Machine Weight

    9,800 lbs.

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