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Browse used Park Industries® stone machinery.

Park Industries® stone fabrication equipment is built for more than one life. Below, you will find machines that have been previously used, but can still get the job done.

Used Stone Equipment Listings will be updated monthly. Pictures, pricing, and details about the equipment can be acquired by contacting Park Industries® via the inquiry form or by calling Park at 800.328.2309.

Used Equipment Listings:

Last updated: 03/24/2020

Used Stone Polishing Equipment:

  • VELOCITY (2015)
  • VELOCITY (2005)
  • PRO-EDGE III (2006)
  • PRO-EDGE IV (2007)
  • WIZARD Deluxe (2006)
  • TITAN 2700 CNC Router (2018)
  • TITAN 1000 CNC Router (2007)
  • PRO-EDGE IV (2006)

Used Stone Cutting Equipment:

  • FOCUS CNC Saw (2013)
  • SIERRA Bridge Saw (2016)
  • SIERRA Bridge Saw (2005)
  • SIERRA Bridge Saw (2017)
  • SIERRA Bridge Saw (2004)
  • FUSION 4045 (2013)
  • FUSION 4245 (2014)

Used Architectural Stone Equipment: 

  • 50-150 HYDRASPLIT (1983)
  • EAGLE II Diamond Block Saw (2002)
  • HYDRASPLIT Splitter Heavy Duty Model 60-26-300 – with Conveyor (2000)

Used Machinery Service Expectations

Thinking of purchasing a used Park Industries® machine in the market? Below are some things to understand and consider ensuring that you are receiving the full support and service of your used Park Industries® machine.

Customer training and customer support is included with the purchase of new or used equipment through Park Industries®. However, when a used machine is purchased on the open market, support and training is not included with the transfer of the machine to a new owner.

Park Industries® is committed to helping fabricators be successful with used Park equipment that is sold on the open market. For a nominal, one-time transfer fee, you will receive the service and support from Park Industries® for as long as the machine is supported. The transfer fee amount will be dependent upon the used machine being purchased. The transfer fee includes:

  • Machine support, for as long as product is supported by Park
  • Account setup and/or transferring machine to customer account
  • Y drawings & electrical prints
  • Install prep guide – if applicable
  • Operators manual – if applicable
  • Software updates – machine only

The transfer fee will be waived if you choose to hire a Park Industries® Field Service Technician to install your machine. Value of hiring a certified Park Industries® Field Service Technician to install your used Park equipment:

  • Expert in machine installation
  • Assess machine maintenance needs
  • Receive software updates (machine only)
  • Transfer fee waived

Park Industries® machines have the best resale value in the market.  We are committed to assisting fabricators and hope you understand our position in 2nd market purchases. Contact Park Industries® Customer Service for questions pertaining to service on used machinery at 800-785-3391.

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