HydroClear™ Water Clarification Systems

Efficiently Manage a Vital Resource for Your Shop.


The Choice Is Clear.

Managing water in your stone fabrication shop is critically important to ensure high shop efficiency and productivity. Utilize a HydroClear Water Clarification System to reduce costs and go green by recycling water.







HydroClear™ Water Clarification Systems for Stone

Park Industries® understands that a consistent flow of high-quality water is vital for your fabrication facility. Park provides a variety of water system options available to ensure you have consistent, high quality water flow to your equipment. 

The HydroClear™ Systems from Park Industries® represent the new generation of water recycling in the stone industry. The system’s unique designs allow slurry to rapidly settle, ensuring clarified water at high-flow rates to your machines.


+ Industry Leading Service & Support
+ Machine Uptime
+ Profitability
+ Marketing Advantage of Going Green
+ Meet Regulatory Requirements
+ Efficient Water Recycling


- Reduce Maintenance Labor up to 85%
- Reduce Water Bill up to 70%
- Reduce Environmental Footprint
- Reduce Risk of Violations & Fines
- Reduce Water Consumption up to 70%

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The Choice Is Clear.
Tired of weekly maintenance? The maintenance on the water clarification system is so minimal it is almost non-existent. Another area where the change is prevalent is in a fabricator’s water bill. The cost savings is huge. The millions of gallons of water saved per year has a large impact on your water bill, as well as the environment.

Aside from the clear impact the HydroClear system has on a shop’s bottom-line, the service provided by Park is second to none, and comes with the addition of the HydroClear to your shop. Park Industries® offers an application engineering analysis of the machines and processes of your shop. Through this consultation, Park will assess the current and future needs of your shop and make recommendations accordingly.

HydroClear™ Features & Benefits

  • Variety of Configurations Available to Manage Small, Medium, and Large Facilities
  • Up to 120 Gallons per Minute Flow Rates
  • Galvanized Tower with Graded Plate Chambers for Fast Settling
  • 1000, 1500, 1600, or 2500 Gallon Transfer Tanks available for Maximum Production
  • Easy, LCD Control System
  • Three Water Clarification Models Available

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HydroClear Water Clarification Systems for Stone Fabrication from Park Industries.
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Galvanized Tower with Fast Settling

The HydroClear Water Clarification System utilizes a Galvanized Tower with Inclined Plate Chambers for Fast Settling.

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Holding Tank Flexibility

The HydroClear Water Clarification System offers a variety of holding tanks to manage small, medium, and large facilities.

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The LCD Control System is operatorfriendly and keeps the system running efficiently. The slurry controller allows fully-automatic operation with user-set parameters. The operator may set the frequency and duration of purging the sludge.

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Automatic Purge Valve

An automatic purge valve is utilized by the HydroClear Water Clarification System. The slurry controller automatically purges according to user set time and duration.

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Repress Pump Skid

The pump skid on the HydroClear Water Clarification system is comprised of a pump and motor, controls, and a galvanized welded frame. It is responsible for delivering clarified water to equipment, while housing the control logic that protects the pump from running dry and also alerting users of low water in the transfer tank via Audible alarm and visual flashing bulb.

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Sludge Skid

The sludge is de-watered further, so that
it can be later discarded. The bag inside
the sludge skid can hold up to a cubic
yard of sludge.

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Chemical Tank with Feed Pump

The chemical tank holds up to 15 gallons of coagulant.There are 4 Gallons of Coagulant Polymer. This treats approximately 500,000 gallons of water. The Chemical Feed Pump administers the coagulant to help increase the speed in which the clarification process happens.

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Value of Water | HydroClear Featured in StoneWorld

“Before purchasing the HydroClear, we were cleaning our water recycling system twice a week. With the addition of the HydroClear we clean it once a month.”

Randy Rangel
Vaughn's Countertops

Countertop Fabrication

“The HydroClear keeps production running efficiently, our machines operating clean, and our water bill low.”

Charlie Sofronas
Sygma Stone

Countertop Fabrication

“We have seen immediate improvement with the addition of the HydroClear. Our previous water filtration unit could not keep up with our saws. Any sawing after hours would result in a flooded shop. Now we are able to run overnight without any problems. The HydroClear is, simply put, a better piece of equipment. It saves us costs on parts and labor, allows more space, and requires less maintenance.”

Rob Solfisburg
IBC Lansing Cut Stone

Architectural Fabrication

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