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HyPrecision™ Series

Waterjet Pump

Incorporating Advanced Intensifier Technology, HyPrecision™ Waterjet Pumps from Hypertherm are the hardest-working, most cost-effective waterjet pumps in the world. They include advanced controls and monitoring features, and are engineered to deliver long-life reliability and uncompromised safety for the lowest cost of ownership.

  • 60,000

  • 30 or 50 HP 
    Pump Motor


HyPrecision Waterjet Pumps for Park Industries CNC Sawjets | Waterjet cutting for stone industry

Reliable, trouble-free, and energy efficient.

Trouble-free operation

  • Advanced Intensifier Technology (AIT) extends maintenance intervals, reduces maintenance time and maximizes performance
  • Sophisticated electronics provide smooth, reliable shifting for optimum cut quality and pump performance
  • Powerful, intuitive software package gives operators all the information they need to maximize uptime
  • Service-friendly design simplifies high-pressure end removal for quick seal maintenance
  • Check valve utilizes a screwless, low-pressure poppet design that enables quick evaluation of key contact surfaces and allows faster routine servicing

Extreme reliability

  • Built-in inlet water accumulator increases seal life by supplying constant water flow and pressure to the intensifier
  • Stepped water filtration (10, 1, .45 micron) improves water quality and extends seal life
  • Innovative piston design minimizes seal wear and improves component life

Hassle-free hydraulic oil

  • Protective coating inside the hydraulic tank prevents rusting
  • Easy-access drain on the hydraulic tank makes oil changes quick and easy
  • Kidney loop oil cooling and filtration provides higher hydraulic system efficiency
  • Easy-access cover on the hydraulic tank makes for easy inspection and replacement of strainers

 Maximum energy efficiency

  • Totally enclosed force cooled (TEFC) electrical motor
  • Plate heat exchanger improves cooling efficiency
  • Standard water modulating valve provides cooling water


HyPrecision 50 S Waterjet Pump for CNC Sawjet & Stone Waterjet Cutting

HyPrecision 50-S
Available on the FUSION & OPTIMUS

HyPrecision 30 Waterjet Pump for CNC Sawjet & Stone Waterjet Cutting

HyPrecision 30-S
Available on the SABERjet
(SABERjet XP uses Predictive Pump Series)

Explore its Advanced Intensifier Technology
A FUSION owner explains the impact of the HyPrecision 50-S pump.