FUSION® CNC SawJet Series

High-speed CNC saw meets precision waterjet for maximum productivity.


The Ultimate Blend of Productivity

The FUSION® maximizes cutting time by using a CNC saw for straight cuts, then switches to a precision waterjet for tight angles. This powerful sawing station saws 3 times faster than conventional bridge saws, reducing your costs and increasing your capacity. The FUSION's Saw & Waterjet combination matched with its tilt table, iTEC interface, and more offer the ultimate blend of productivity.







Process a Single Slab in Just 20 Minutes.

What if you could reduce material costs by 10-15%, reduce sawing station labor by 50%, increase sawing capacity by 200% AND increase CNC router production by 30% compared to conventional bridge saw production? You can with a FUSION® CNC SawJet. Cut a slab every 20 minutes-all day long. Saw 3x faster than conventional bridge saws. Imagine the increased output when it just takes 20 minutes to process a slab. At the push of a button, the FUSION® does the work of 3 machines in the same amount of time.

The Impact the FUSION® can Have on Your Operations.

  • Reduce material handling issues
  • Reduce slab breaking with Slab Loader (patented) option
  • Reduce your material costs by up to 15%
  • Reduce your sawing station labor by up to 50%
  • Increase your sawing capacity by up to 200%
  • Increase your CNC production by up to 25% over conventional bridge saw production

S Series for Material Handling

You asked and we listened! Material handling continues to be a struggle with many fabricators. The FUSION® S series of CNC SawJets, have a Slab Loader (patented) option which utilizes a tilt table that reduces material handling constraints, decreases slab breakage, and makes the tank much easier to clean than other traditional CNC sawjets.  

Bring these kinds of savings to life with the FUSION® CNC Saw & Precision Waterjet.

Improve Efficiency and Quality From Every Angle.

It’s not just quick. It’s incredibly accurate. The automatic 0 to 47-degrees mitering capabilities give you the power to produce mitered apron edges in a matter of minutes. Each FUSION® CNC saw has CNC Servo mitering capabilities.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) - Optional

The Variable Frequency Drive, or VFD, is an option on the FUSION®. The VFD increases the saw’s efficiency when cutting ultra-compact materials.

Accustream Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

Designed and built by AccuStream® (Industry leader in waterjet technology), the Reverse Osmosis system is the added protection you need to safeguard your equipment for maximum uptime. Reverse Osmosis works by forcing the incoming water through a semipermeable membrane to remove dissolved solids and hard ions. The water is then sent directly to the saw/waterjet pump. 

OPS Productivity.

Is it important that you understand your actual production results versus goal?  Park Industries OPS Productivity reporting allows you to analyze your production REAL-TIME, on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  Park provides you the tools to effectively manage your business! Learn more >

Features & Benefits

The SawJet of Choice:

  • Slab Loader (patented) tank option reduces material handling constraints
  • iTEC Interface technology simplifies operations – touchscreen operations
  • HyPrecision Waterjet system – the industry EXPERT
  • Unique “Quad Guard” System Protects drive components
  • OPS Productivity Reporting
  • Machine Performance Sensors (stone height and garnet flow) prevent costly operator mistakes
  • Low Tank Height for Easy Table Access
  • Owner Protection Services™ automatically notifies you of routine machine maintenance.
  • Single tank and dual tank models available
  • Optional Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Reverse Osmosis System


Reduce material waste and labor costs, and improve productivity with a FUSION® CNC SawJet from Park Industries®. Contact Us or Find Your Sales Rep.


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FUSION CNC Saw/Waterjet for Stone Countertops
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This optional feature is a multi-functional tilting table that broadens the options for your shop. Safer material handling, more efficient tank cleaning, and the elimination of a vacuum lift system are all key advantages. This slab loader technology is patented by Park Industries®.

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The FUSION's precision waterjet for nesting parts and making radius cuts, brings to market the lowest cost of ownership. It is American Manufactured by Hypertherm whose partnership with Park Industries results in one of the industry's strongest teams in supporting our customers' up time.

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The 0-47 degree miter allows for flawless miter cuts allowing for tightly nested, clean, and accurate parts.

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The FUSION® is structured to work for you. The heavy duty frame, structurally rigid base and superior THK rail system, allows the FUSION® to be a solid, stable, accurate foundation for your production.

The FUSION® is unique, as it is driven from both ends of the bridge, allowing for precise measurements and cutting.

The absolute encoders decrease production time as the FUSION® understands its location and position at all times. You never have to worry about “homing” the machine before starting a days work - increasing efficiency and productivity.

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The FUSION® low tank design (30” from floor) is built for accuracy and easy table access. The slab stops on the FUSION® table match Slabsmith’s software, allowing easy loading access and accurate part placement. Loading and positioning is a simple and painless process.

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CNC programming may sound complicated, but the iTEC interface simplifies programming into user-friendly controls to save operators time and boost production.

Using AlphaStone programming software, the iTEC interface brings the programming to a very simple level. It does this by utilizing Park Industries exclusive toolbars, created to combine a sequence of actions into a single stroke. It also utilizes a barcode scanner to quickly and accurately machine programs.

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The bellow covered ways protect the FUSION® from the harsh elements of countertop fabrication.

The bellows are easily retracted for inspection and maintenance of protected components and provide ultimate uptime and longevity of the machine.

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OPS Productivity:
- Capture Real-Time Mesurements
- Easy and Customizable Goal Setting
- Advanced Metric Programming and Reporting

OPS Maintenance:
- Automatic Notifications
- Electronic PM Manual
- Maintenance Logs

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Slabsmith™ Software

Photograph. Store. Retrieve. Design. Cut. Polish. Install. Yes, it’s really that easy. Slabsmith™ is the software that starts the seamless process.

It will increase your proficiency and decrease mistakes and wasted material. With Slabsmith™, you have the ability to capture and store slab photos and attributes, layout and nest parts and preview and render slab photos to illustrate seams and grain-matching before cutting.

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Alphacam is an intelligent and intuitive CAD/CAM software that provides customers with productivity, reliability and flexibility. Alphacam has been specifically developed to address the unique challenges of machining stone. Alphacam is the leader and software of choice for stone fabricators around the world.

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Park Industries® strives to be exceptional and that’s why the decision was made to partner with Hypertherm® and the HyPrecision Waterjet System. The HyPrecision pump provides consistent power, faster speeds, extended seal life and lowest cost of operation.

With the HyPrecision intensifier, there are no threaded end caps, which eliminate expensive galling issues. There is seal “leak before fail” feature. When maintenance is required, the two independent intensifier ends provide easy access - saving time and money!

FUSION® CNC SawJet | The Ultimate Blend of Productivity 

Ideal Surfaces | Hypertherm® HyPrecision Waterjet Value


FUSION® | Hypertherm® HyPrecision Waterjet System

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"The ramp up time to integrate the FUSION® 4245 within our facility was remarkable. We started experiencing the material and labor savings almost immediately."

John Daiber
K & D Counter Tops

"I could not work without the FUSION® ever again after experiencing its productivity.  We are using less laborers than before and if I were to go to a one machine shop, it would be a FUSION®.  I am very happy with Park and they did a great job on the install."

Solid Image, Inc.

"I am very happy with the FUSION®, but I think my wife is happier. There are no more late nights and I am spending more time with my kids. The overtime is virtually gone."

Brad Rodrick
Interiors Resources Group

"After purchasing the FUSION, I am saving big on material and labor costs.  My installers are able to do 35% more work because of how accurately the FUSION cuts his work. My sales rep, Brian M, represented the details of this very well. It was certainly not oversold."

Christopher Raines
Gages Granite

"The FUSION® from Park Industries® has been great, and the Customer Service beyond compare."

Nolan Walker
Ciano Tile & Marble

"This digital equipment package from Park Industries® (FUSION®, TITAN®, and Pathfinder®) provided us everything we were sold, and more.  Our production is now much more efficient, less stressful, and has had a significant impact to our bottom-line. This digital package is a tremendous business management tool."

Rick Bayne
Mesa Fully Formed

"Park Industries has NO sales pressure tactics and continues to provide great service after the sale. I am looking forward to purchasing additional machines from Park in the future."

Don Senft
Natural Stoneworks

"Adding the Park Industries® FUSION®, PATHFINDER®, and TITAN® to our operations was the best thing we ever did for our company."

Mike Lindsey
Northwest Building Supply

"I don't know what we would do without our FUSION® after using it for only 10 months."

Greg Steffen
Advanced Custom Counters

"The FUSION® paid for itself in less than 12 months. We continue to be very happy with and how Park helps us - they truly care about our company."

David Fike
Heartland Stone

North America's Leading Partner

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