Miters Are A Must.

Unlike robotic-style sawjets, the SABERjet™ XP offers all-in-one cutting to process countertops faster with less labor and a smaller total footprint.

The results to you? More throughput and more profitability.

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Time Comparison

The SABERjet™ XP saved 66% of the time needed to cut this mitered layout. Imagine what your shop could do with 66% more time!

Mitered Layout ComparisonSABERjet XPRobotic Sawjet
& Miter Saw
Number of Machines Needed 12
Sawjet Cutting Time 35 minutes
(full job) 
25 Minutes
(no miters) 
Material Handling Time to Transfer Machines None13 minutes 
Miter Saw Cutting Time None1 hr 4 minutes 
Total Time to Cut35 Minutes 1 hr 42 minutes 
“L” Inside MiterNo Seam RequiredSeam Required
Total Footprint730 Sq. Ft.
(Dual Table)
920 Sq. Ft.
(Dual Table + Miter Saw)
Material Handling Touch Points 13-4 
Labor Required 1 Person
(Sawjet Operator) 
3 People
(Sawjet Operator, Miter Saw Operator, Fabricator/Helper) 
SABERjet XP Cnc sawjet

Best-In Class Mitering

Mitered edges are quickly becoming one of the most common choices for countertops.
You need a machine that can deliver precise miters reliably and quickly. 

Unitized Machine Rigidity

Blade mitering starts machine rigidity. The SABERjet XP’s gantry-style design delivers the heavy-duty stiffness you need for miter accuracy. This is where robots fall short and deliver unreliable miter cuts.

5-Axis Waterjet

Inside mitered corners made easy. With the SABERjet XP’s Miterjet feature, miter inside corners in a single pass and eliminate hand cleanup or having to add seams on your “L” parts.

Optimized for Any Material 

To truly be able to miter efficiently, your saw must optimize its setting to the material on its table. An ultracompact automation feature quickly optimizes the saw’s program to the material for better cuts.  

Mitering is extremely important to us and so is the ability to cut fragile materials. On the SABERjet™ XP we mitered 3 slabs in under 3 hours. I could have never cut this on a robot.

Yancy Devine
Old World Granite & Stone