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Setting Smart Spindle Prox

  • Service

This guide will help set your smart spindle prox to the proper depth ESTIMATED TIME TO COMPLETE: 15-20 MINUTES Prox #1 = spin +Prox #2 = homeProx #3 = spin – Prox’s are mounted flush with chamfered edge on prox mount insert. All 3 prox’s should be about 15/16 from point A to point B“Edge […]

Creating Image Backup

  • Service

This guide will create a new backup image of your machine that you will be able to restore using the ghosting software.

Operating the SlabBack

  • Operation & Programming

This video gives detailed instruction on operating the Park Industries SlabBack. Slab attachment for Park Industries FastBack. Finish and Polish the edge of granite, or stone slabs. Flat profile, with a chamfer or beveled edges.

Boundary Command

This video gives detailed information on the use of the Park Industries boundary command.