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setting the zrs on the PE3 and pe4

  • Service

The ZRS should be adjusted ONLY after the rise & fall ruler is properly zeroed. If the ruler has been previously checked and is OK then you can skip to “Checking the ZRS” at step 10. Required tools: metal ruler 12″, Flat Blade Screw Driver, Flat metal diamond tool (must be FLAT) With the Miter […]

Replacement table rubber materials & Procedure for Pro Edge

  • Service

This document illustrates the steps and materials required to replace the table top rubber on any Park Industries Pro Edge II, III, or IV edge polishing machine Important! ∗ The shop must be at 65 degrees F or warmer in order for the glue to set up and cure in a timely manner. ∗ No […]

Omlat chiller Flush & Filter retrofit

  • Service

Per the recommendation of the chiller manufacturer we are changing-over from automotive type ethylene glycol to Dowfrost propylene glycol at a higher concentration. Warning! Please read first! A. Read these instructions completely prior to starting the retrofit procedure!B. Failure to implement this change in a timely manner may result in voiding of the chiller warranty!C. […]

CNC pendent Operation (For machines built before may 2008)

  • Service

Continuous Jog Pendant Movement: The Titan pendant’s Continuous Jog movement feature allows an operator to move the Titan Left, Right, and Forward and Back in increments of 0.100, 0.010, and 0.001 thousandths of an inch (all movements are based on a frontal view of the machine). 1) To use the Continuous Jog option on the […]

Pro Edge Cross Travel Setup

  • Service

Detailed instructions to adjust the travel distance and speed of the Pro Edge. See also Service Guide SG0400 for additional information on setting the Denison Card. Set the limit flags so the cross travel will have 10 feet of actual travel. Set the cross travel speed to 100 (high side). On max speed, the 10 […]

removing ‘a’ axis on the fusion

  • Service

Spray penetrating oil on all fasteners a day before starting removal. Clean out Debris in the hex headed bolts before removing Remove the blade and shroud assembly Place a large sheet of cardboard (or other material to help keep parts from falling into the tank) along with two 3CM stone remnants, large enough to support […]

replacing the touch screen

  • Service

Removal and replacement of the operator interface touch screen. 1) Turn this switch to Non-Operating 2) Loosen the (4) screws which hold the CPU to the Touch Screen. The Touch Screen is hinged on the left hand side. The right side will swing away from the Touch Screen. 3) Unplug the black floppy drive cable […]

Over-Cycle Alarms

  • Service

An Over-cycle alarm can be caused by several things. This list is the best way to check off the easy items and quickly find the issue. a. Be sure Jet Setup is Green, if not press the Jet Setup Enable button b. Press Booster Pump Start button c. Press the Water Pressure LOW button d. […]

team viewer download

  • Downloads

This will download Team Viewer so a Park Industries Tech can remotely connect to your machine.

Tool Detection – belt drive spindle

  • Service

If you are experiencing issues with tool detection you may see alarms like “spindle did not clamp on tool”. Typically, this is due to a worn gripper or something is out of adjustment these are the steps that should be taken to remedy the problem. See companion video.