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Diagnosing hp leak on the nozzle

LOWER THE NOZZLE ON TABLE AND OPEN THE JET TO BLEED ANY PRESSURE FROM THE SYSTEM BEFORE WORKING ON THE JET ASSEMBLY FOLLOW LOCK OUT TAG OUT PROCEDURES This is a procedure to help diagnose a hp leak at the jet head assy This applies to jet edge and accutream jet heads(pictured is a accustream […]

Metal goretrac Installation

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This procedure is how to install a metal goretrac on the double table fusion. Verify that the gauge up top of the machine is at 0 this verifies that there is no residual pressure in the lines. Verify that there is no residual pressure in the hp lines . The big gauge up top of […]

Changing Y Axis Bearings

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Guide shows how to change the bearings on the Y axis of the Titan and Destiny. CAUTION: DO NOT JACK MORE THAN 0.002” UNLESS ALL FOUR BEARINGS HAVE BEEN LOOSENED FROM GANTRY.

Repair High-Pressure Swivel

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How to assemble a High Pressure Swivel 70008044-2 Kit. You will need the following tools: Arbor Press or vice press Large adjustable wrench 13/16″ wrench do not scratch or damage the bearing half of the swivel housing with the pick! do not scratch or damage the id of the seal half of the swivel housing […]

Quickset Gripper install/removal

These videos show how to install and remove the new Quickset gripper set assembly # 96381 this new style gripper assembly will only work with Armour Shield Protected drawbars. verify you have this first. see image below.

CNC Router Pendant – pre 2008

Using the different features of the CNC Router Pendant the side button must be pressed to “Enable” the keypad to achieve machine movement When the enable button is pressed and a key pad arrow is pressed the cross travel will move in the respective direction To use the Incremental Movement option on the Titan pendant, […]

Gear Engagement

This document will show you how to correct backlash on Saber, Saberjet, Saberjet XP and Voyager machines. Remove aluminum plate pictured here. 2. Loosen the 4 mounting bolts on the plate circled below. 3. Push the pinion gears into the gear rack further, gravity should do most of the work but could use a dead […]

C-70 Heat Exchanger Maintenance

Immediate Attention Required Park has discovered that the proper preventative maintenance procedure for the heat exchanger filter screen found on your C-70 splitting machine was not included in your Operation and Maintenance manual. It is possible that the screen may become plugged not allowing proper cooling of the hydraulic fluid resulting in unit shutdown.