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changing ‘X’ Axis bearings – Fusion

  • Service

Preliminary steps to gain access to the ‘X’ axis bearing for removal and replacement Remove the x axis servo motor from the machine or lower them out of the gear rack, remove the 4 bolts on each motor. Loosen these bolts (two additional on other side) and lower the gearbox out of the rack, if […]

Weiss Gripper finger maintenance

  • Service

A step by step guide for removal, inspection, cleaning and reinstalling the Weiss Gripper Finger Set Tools required 1) Depth micrometer 3-4inch, Park Industries# 3094001, Grainger #4KY22 2) 5mm T-handle Allen wrench 8-10inch, Park Industries# 8200374-7 3) Gripper finger adjustment tool, Park Industries# 8200374-8 4) Gripper removal tool, Park Industries#5213007, Threaded rod M8x1.25 10” 5) […]

Fastback ii Operation

  • Operation & Programming
  • Service

A step by step guide on how to operate the Park Industries Fastback II

Titan Water Flow Sensors-Video

  • Service

This video will show how to clean the water flow sensors if you are getting fresh or recycled water flow alarms.

fusion ‘X’ axis drive gear alignment

  • Service

This document illustrates the steps to assemble / mesh the Fusion X axis drive pinion gear and gear rack. If you have any questions, contact Park’s customer service at 1-800-785-3391. The goal of the next step is to align the pinion gear with the gear rack. When moved into position, the pinion and rack teeth […]

replace ‘X’ axis Motor

  • Service

Removing X motor assembly for repair or replacement of Pinion Gear, Gearbox or Motor Remove the green and orange cables on the X axis servo motor Lower the motor assembly out of the gear rack by loosening the 4 bolts Put the motor assembly on the work bench. Loosen 4 bolts holding the servo to […]