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desiccant air dryer maintenance

  • Service

Inspect the Desiccant air dryer once each week and replace if necessary. The filter/dryer allows you to see when it is time to install a new unit by observing the color change from the original dark blue to a complete light pink transparent color in the desiccant beads. Replace the Desiccant air dryer at least […]

Fusion travel extension kit installation steps

This procedure will take about four hours and at times will require at least one additional worker. Installing the travel extension kit consists of the following tasks. Mechanical Install Tasks Pull Cord Arm Spacer Cross Travel Bumper Stop Cross Travel Proximity Flag Gantry Rail Hard Stop Gantry Travel Flag Setup Tasks Reference Machine Set Soft […]

Coalescing Element replacement

Your machine’s health is dependent on the effectiveness of the this coalescing filter. Changing the filters per the maintenance schedule is very important. After servicing, apply system pressure and check for air leaks if leakage occurs replace both o-rings and with new Orings supplied with the new element. Apply a light coating of silicone free […]

Fusion 4000 series hard stop kit

In some cases the raise and lower assembly can over-travel and damage the bellows on the Fusion. Installing this Hard Stop kit can help eliminate that situation. This kit will only need to be installed if the dimension from the top of the existing stop block to the bottom of the fixture hole is approximately […]

Add relay to Pro-Edge IV

  • Service

Park has discovered that a relay found in your PROEDGEIV automated edge shaping and polishing machine should be replaced. It is possible that one of the relays in the PLC (computer) has the potential of being damaged from quick, short draws of electrical current passing through it. Although this has happened in only a very […]

tilt retainer bracket installation

This bracket is designed to retain the table pivot point in the event of failure. Place table top in the down position and disconnect the power from the hydraulic power unit. Attach bracket to one bearing at a time. Remove the existing 5/8” bolts and discard. Save the flat washer and lock washer. If shims […]

Vacuum Pump rebuild

  • Service

THIS PROCEDURE IS TO REBUILD THE VAC PUMP ON THE TITAN SERIES MACHINES Tools needed Dead blow hammer Combination square ( use the small square as a small straight edge to adjust the wear plate clearance) Small putty knife 6 mm T Allen wrench 3 mm T Allen wrench 3/8 Torque wrench 3/8 socket wrench […]

removing ‘a’ axis on the fusion

  • Service

Spray penetrating oil on all fasteners a day before starting removal. Clean out Debris in the hex headed bolts before removing Remove the blade and shroud assembly Place a large sheet of cardboard (or other material to help keep parts from falling into the tank) along with two 3CM stone remnants, large enough to support […]

Abrasive Regulator hose routing

  • Service

Improper garnet hose routing can cause flow issues, see the procedure detailed below for proper garnet hose routing. When finished the garnet hose should follow a straight direct path as shown, any excess hose along the path can allow garnet to build up and cause a blockage. See arrows in photo for hose location. From […]