Browse used & refurbished Park Industries® stone machinery.

Park Industries® stone fabrication equipment is built for more than one life. Below, you will find machines that have been refurbished or previously used, but still get the job done.

Refurbished & Used Stone Equipment Listings will be updated monthly. Pictures, pricing, and details about the equipment can be acquired by contacting Park Industries® via the inquiry form or by calling Park at 800.328.2309.

Used Machine Listings:

Last updated: 3/21/24

Used Stone Cutting Equipment:

  • FUSION 4045 (2011)
  • FUSION 4045 Sawjet (2012)
  • FUSION 4245 (2014)
  • FUSION 4245S (2016)
  • YUKON II (2014)
  • YUKON (2003)
  • CrossCut Deluxe (2021)

Used Stone Polishing Equipment:

  • TITAN 1800 (2010)
  • FASTBACK II (2017)
  • FASTBACK (2016)
  • FASTBACK (2012)
  • DESTINY (2005)
  • PRO-EDGE II (1998)
  • PRO-EDGE IV (2008)
  • WIZARD Deluxe (2006)

Used Architectural Stone Equipment: 

  • EAGLE II Diamond Block Saw (2002)
  • TXS 4500 ThinStone Saw (2004)
  • QS-700T Splitter – Trailer Mounted (2006)

Park Industries® Certified Refurbished Machines:

Last updated: 3/21/24

Refurbished Stone Polishing Machines:

  • None available currently

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Refurbished vs. Used

Machines listed as refurbished, have been brought back to Park Industries® for a full assessment, necessary repairs/adjustments, and have been certified as meeting our quality standards. These are purchased through Park Industries®.

Machines listed as used, are being offered on behalf of Park Industries® customers. They have not been serviced by Park Industries® and are purchased through the fabricator.

Service & Support with Used Machinery

Thinking of purchasing a used Park Industries® machine in the market? Below are some things to understand and consider ensuring that you are receiving the full support and service of your used Park Industries® machine.

Park Industries® strives to elevate the customer service experience to a level that surpasses industry standards with exceptional technical service, installation and training experiences with both new and used equipment. We highly recommend using a Park trained technician for de-installation and re-installation of any used Park Industries® equipment to get your new purchase into operation.

Installed by Park Industries®

If you hire a Park Industries® technician to install your used equipment purchase, Park will provide all support documents available, and all technical phone support going forward at no charge.

Please call Park Industries® @ 800-785-3391 and speak to one of our Field Service representatives for a quote to de-install / re-install your used machinery purchase.

Not Installed by Park Industries®

If you choose to not use a Park technician to install your used equipment, purchase a one-time Transfer of Ownership Fee will be charged which provides you the following documents and support:

  • Machine phone support
  • Account setup and/or transferring machine to customer account
  • Y drawings & electrical prints
  • Install prep guide – if applicable
  • Operators manual – if applicable
  • Machine software updated to most current version
  • Please note that Operator training is not included in the Transfer of Ownership Fee

Please call Park Industries® @ 800-785-3391 to understand the Transfer of Ownership fee.

Thank you for considering Park Industries® as your choice in a partnership towards industry excellence and we look forward to helping you grow your business.

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