At Park Industries, we understand the importance of silica safety in our customers’ operations and are
committed to supporting their efforts to create safe work environments by reducing exposure to
respirable crystalline silica that could cause silicosis and other lung-related diseases.

We advocate for the utilization of wet processing methods as the most effective means to decrease
silica exposure. Wet processing techniques significantly reduce the generation of airborne silica dust,
thereby minimizing the risk of inhalation by employees.

It’s crucial to clarify that while we prioritize silica safety, Park Industries does not conduct testing of
respirable crystalline silica, nor do we govern respirable crystalline silica safety requirements or OSHA
policies for our customers’ operations. Additionally, we do not claim expertise in the field of respirable
crystalline silica or silicosis prevention.

By utilizing Park Industries machines properly, our customers can enhance their silica safety measures,
facilitate OSHA compliance, and most importantly, protect their employees.

Park Industries is committed to collaborating with our customers, industry partners, and regulatory
agencies to promote best practices and enhance silica safety measures. We encourage members of the
stone fabrication and installation industry to review available resources related to
fabrication/installation safety and OSHA regulations and requirements for preventing silicosis and other
silica-related diseases.

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