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ParkWAY Culture

Built on Trust, Integrity, & Respect.

By partnering with Park Industries® and investing in one of our leading fabrication solutions, you are also partnering with our culture and our people – each one eager to help you in a friendly, positive way. From the beginning in 1953, Park Industries® has always been focused on a strong company culture that treats associates and customers the right way, or as we like to call it the ParkWay.

The values of trust, integrity, and respect are those we hold as part of our company culture, but spill over into our purpose of creating outstanding experiences by providing the most dependable, high-precision manufacturing solutions that enable our customers, associates and community to thrive.

Our associates use the ParkWay to represent Park Industries® in every interaction, whether it be with a fellow co-worker, with a vendor, or helping a customer.

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Watch: Real Customer & Associates talk the ParkWay Culture.

Our Culture is Our Core

The ParkWay is infectious. Customers of Park Industries® can expect the same value of care that the company places on associates. Because Park takes such great care of associates, we live, eat, and breathe our company culture. It spills out to everyone we interact with … so, really, Park’s focus on creating outstanding experiences begins with the associates.

Crankshaft Philosophy

Decades ago, Tom Schlough, Chairman of the Board, saw how not to treat a customer. The story goes that the crankshaft, of all things, broke on his neighbor’s car.

The local dealership where the friend bought the car offered to fix it—but at full rate, since it was out of warranty. Tom’s friend pointed out that this was clearly a manufacturing defect. After all, who breaks a crankshaft? “Nope,” the person behind the counter said, “Full rate.” A car isn’t worth a lot without a crankshaft, so Tom’s friend angrily agreed to the repair. Then he vowed never to buy from that dealer or that car manufacturer again. (He hasn’t.)

To remind everyone at Park that customer service is everyone’s responsibility, Tom put miniature crankshafts on associates desks—a symbol of the ParkWay and how to properly take care of customers.

Crankshaft philosophy park industries

Women in Manufacturing (WIM)

Park Industries® developed Women In Manufacturing with the goal of providing networking, support, and educational opportunities for the women of Park. The group focuses on associate development resulting in increased engagement, skill development, and retention. With only 30% of manufacturing positions in the US held by women, our continued growth in the industry requires dedicated effort!

Women In Manufacturing is an inclusive group led by a board of associate members in roles including Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer, and  Organizational Specialist. The monthly meetings include rotating topics inspired by personal and professional development and driven by group members.

A Glimpse of Life at Park

Live the parkway note

The ParkWay in Action

This note was found in the lunchroom along with a lost dollar, returned by an associate who didn’t think twice about what to do. Trust. Integrity. Respect.

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Teamwork & Helping Atmosphere

Everyone is working towards the same goal at Park. Expect a warm embrace and helpful hand whenever you may need it.

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Excellent Customer Partnerships

Our customers are our number #1 priority. Helping them grow their business and be successful is of utmost importance. Trusted Advisor is a term commonly used to describe Park Industries® because we are always acting in the best interest of our customers, in any capacity we can share our 65+ years of experience.

Scott Hanes (Majestic Marble & Granite) with his sales representative, Rob, after winning the prestigious Fabricator of the Year Award.


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Company Wide MEals

Associates are fed well, that much is for certain. With numerous company wide meals every year, associates can enjoy each others company over one of the sweetest joys there is: free food.


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Wellness Programs

5k’s and other wellness programs are a great way for associates to keep health top of mind and get to know coworkers outside of work.

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Open Communication

Company meetings held quarterly keep associates informed and engaged about business progress. Every associate’s input is valued and considered.

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“Food in the Lunchroom!”

A common phrase heard while at Park Industries®. Always music to associates ears.

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Spontaneous Socials & Sweets

Surprise socials and treats are whipped up frequently.

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Summer Grill Outs

These are a win-win. Once a week in the summer, grillmasters of Park cook lunches for associates requesting only a small donation, with all of the proceeds going to back to community drives.

Park Industries® has proven that it’s employees have excellent communication skills and a great attitude when providing support.

Eddie Greene

Valley Bluestone

The people are extremely helpful. Park is a company you want to do business with.

David Paxton

Paxton Countertops

Their people are so knowledgeable, and you can tell they really care about what our shop is doing, and where my business is headed.

Blake Wamstad

Hatton Granite

Words I would use to describe the people at Park: Warm, friendly, partners, trustworthy, advisors.

Gina Saran

Precision Stone Design

The people I’ve met at Park, I would want to go fishing with. It’s the handshake, it’s the look in the eye, it’s the “how are your kids doing today”. They truly care…a company can’t fake that.

David Scott

Slabworks of Montana

The people from Park Industries are very knowledgeable and kind. They have a great work ethic and really care about helping you.

Liz Roth

Keystone Granite

With this many helpful, friendly people in your organization, why would we buy elsewhere?

Derrick Burgans

Prestige Custom Stone

Park Industries has NO sales pressure tactics and continues to provide great service after the sale. I am looking forward to purchasing additional machines from Park in the future.

Don Senft

Natural Stoneworks