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With our next-day or no pay parts policy, feel confident you’ll get the part you need with minimal machine downtime.

Stop Waiting around For Parts

500,000+ Parts in Inventory

500,000+ parts in inventory stocked and ready to ship at a moment’s notice.

Next Day or No Pay

Don’t wait for the part you need now, it’s either at your facility by the next day or it’s on us.

*Some exclusions may apply.

Machine Uptime

Park Industries® is committed to keeping your machine running and reducing downtime.

Cost of Not Stocking Parts

Understanding your machine’s maintenance and parts needs for optimal uptime are critical to reducing the risk of machine downtime. Too often, expedited shipping charges for a needed part cost as much as the part itself.

The example adjacent, is a common scenario that highlights the excessive costs incurred by not having consumable parts on hand. The cost to expedite the part + the cost of downtime incurred is excessive, especially when it can be avoided by stocking the necessary parts and planning ahead.

Diamond Orifice Cost$425$425
Downtime10 Minutes to Replace7 Hours Overnight Shipping + Replacement Time
Downtime Costs @ $1,500/hour$250$10,500
Total Cost$700$11,509

Invest in Parts Inventory – Kits Available!

The objective of stocking parts on hand is to ensure timely (immediate) availability of a downtime part in the event of a failure. With parts, it’s all about having the right part, in the right place, at the right time to avoid downtime.

The objective of stocking parts on hand is to ensure timely (immediate) availability of a downtime part in the event of a failure. With parts, it’s all about having the right part, in the right place, at the right time to avoid downtime.

Park Industries® engineers, trainers, and customer service representatives have identified parts kits to ensure you have what you need.

By supporting a good parts management plan, you will increase your productivity, reduced costly, unplanned downtime, and most importantly, reduce your operational costs.

Inquire about the variety of Consumable, Spare, and Maintenance Parts kits for your machine(s).


For urgent or immediate service, please call our 24/7 customer service at 800-785-3391.

Otherwise, please use this form to request service, field service, parts, or ask us a question. Our fast, friendly team of service technicians are here for you and your machine.


We had a breakdown on a saw at work that required a specialty part from the parent company. A phone call and diagnosis to Park Industries and our 15 year old saw had a part shipped overnight to my doorstep FedEx RED. It was back up and operational over the weekend; ready to go Monday morning.
Not a lot of companies can claim to have the customer service Park does.

Chris Spangler

Susquehanna Marble & Granite

Park Industries® has a team that is very hands-on, personable, and ready to assist. The team at Park truly wants to help our company succeed and after feeling that with every interaction throughout the entire process, we know we made the right choice in choosing to partner with Park.

Dave Standerfer

Standerfer Stoneworks

The support and customer service Park provides speaks volumes. We value the strong local support and our USA-made machines.

Ryan Sjostrom

Rino's Tile & Stone

Park Industries® stands behind their machines. I appreciate their reliability and customer service. From beginning to end – the whole process of partnering with Park and bettering my shop has been great.

Ryan Sjostrom

Rino's Tile & Stone

Everyone who I’ve talked to with Park Industries® equipment raves about Park. We wanted American made equipment with a service team that will pick up the phone when we call. And that is definitely Park.

Dave Standerfer

Standerfer Stoneworks

Service is the main benefit of Park Industries®. They are amazing with service. Anytime you call them, even on the weekends, you will have someone there to help you. When you buy machinery like this, make sure you have a company like Park to support you. That means your investment is protected and your money is safe.

Emad Dawood

State Stone Work Inc.

Park Industries® service is incredible. They are always there to help you and keep you running. They always go the extra mile to making me happy. It just makes you feel confident in your equipment and like you can sleep at night…Peace of Mind.

Paul Volpe

East Coast Countertops

We’ve experienced really great service from a really great company [Park Industries®]. I’ve never dealt with a company or manufacturer like Park with such great technical support!

Gregorio Aragon

Topline Counter LLC

We really rely on the customer service that we receive from Park Industries®. We can get a hold of someone immediately. Parts are overnighted. We’ve got someone who’s got our back.

Philip Kern

Old World Tile & Granite

When I am cutting 30 slabs a day, I cannot afford for my machines to be down…it’d be a huge cost for my business. What separates Park Industries® from the rest, is they make sure my machinery will not stay down. Their customer service is great and I can get a part here by 10am the next morning 99.9% of the time.

Jason Borden

Chivino Surfaces

Park Industries® service has been incredible. Parts are always next day. Their support team has fixed any issue we’ve had within minutes over the phone or by hopping onto our machine remotely if needed. Our prior machines from other manufacturers would never call us back, they’d just leave us hanging. One machine for example, is still sitting outside. We never used it once. No Bueno.

Rocky Almaya Jr.

Imperial Marble of Texas

Of all the companies we deal with in the stone industry, Park Industries’ service and support get an A+.

Henk Mathee

MultiStone Enterprises

Park’s customer service is outstanding. Park industries sells their service hard, and they stand behind every word of it.

Roger Atherton

Counter Effects

Park Industries® has proven that it’s employees have excellent communication skills and a great attitude when providing support.

Eddie Greene

Valley Bluestone

The service and accountability of Park Industries® after the sale is one the biggest reasons that we continue to partner with our trusted machine manufacturer. Park makes us feel peace of mind – 100%.

Rob & Julie Foley

Sierra Stone Fabrication

Park Industries has the best in support and service. That’s why we bought from them.

Joe Kim

A2Z Granite & Tile

The machine installer provided loads of technical advice and took his time answering any questions we had. He shared tips on things I never would have thought of! We are thankful for how willing each person from Park is willing to work with us, from beginning to end.

Dave Standerfer

Standerfer Stoneworks