Best YUKON II Bridge Saw Content from Customers



With thousands of machines in North America cutting countertops, dimensional stone, and more, the YUKON® II Bridge Saw has become a staple in the stone industry. With its unquestioned durability, cut accuracy, and next level reliability – it is stone’s heavy-weight champion for bridge saw cutting and is a fabricator favorite.

Take a look at some of our favorite YUKON® II content, supplied by real customers & operators…from new installs, to unique work they’ve cut with it.

YUKON® II Favorites:

1. ✨ Full backlit kitchen is no match for the YUKON® II!

2. Precise cutting on the YUKON® II lead to this awesome porcelain throne. Any guesses on how much it weighs? 275 pounds.

3. Hooked on this Red Onyx job. Are you cutting your exotics on the table of a saw you can trust?

4. How’s this for durability? The first YUKON® ever built is still cutting 20+ years later at the same Florida shop.

5. The YUKON® II is timeless and this special father / son moment proves it.

6. Just another backlit kitchen cut on the YUKON® II 🤩

7. This bridge saw to cut any stone to perfection 👌

8. The YUKON® II can cut circles around other bridge saws, and this creative lazy susan proves it!

9. One of the thousands of YUKON® II installs 💪 

10. With up to a 28″ blade, the YUKON® II is a great option for cutting dimensional stone as well as countertops.

11. Miters, waterfalls, sinks, oh my! 😍

Whether you are cutting by hand and looking to upgrade to your first real cutting machine, or need a back up saw for a CNC, the YUKON® II Bridge Saw is always a great choice. A big thank you to all of our awesome YUKON® II customer & operators for sharing with us.

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Favorite Comments About the YUKON II

  • Yukon 2 the best bridge saw on the planet 
  • I love the saw already!! Thanks Park Industries
  • Hell ya. We’ve got 2
  • “Yu-Kon”na love it 😬
  • That Yukon is solid. Very good machine…
  • I’m so comfortable running this machine. Will always be my favorite
  • We have one that is 15 years old, just as accurate and reliable as day one

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