Meet the Visionaries at Park Industries.

Co President of Park Industries Leadership Team

Joan Schatz

“There are so many things I love about being on the Park Team! It’s very rewarding to me personally to be able to help our customers to be successful every day. I feel the same about all of the wonderful people who work at Park, and I want our associates to feel they have grown not only professionally, but also personally for being a part of Park. We take on this mission of success and growth with our customers, associates, and suppliers in a spirit of trust and truly work for mutual benefit for all involved.”

VP of HR Leadership team Park industries

Alyssa Cross
Vice President of Human Resources

There are so many areas about park that I value, but most important to me is the Culture. Company culture is about more than just words on a page. It’s about the feeling you get when you walk through the door. Walking through the door at Park you instantly feel a sense of pride. Pride for the service, brand loyalty and teamwork. Another important element of Park is the company culture built on trust. Everyone is trusted to do their job well and always have the best intentions. I am proud to be a member of this caring culture and the Park Team!

executive assistant leadership team park industries

Chad Nichols
Executive Coordinator

There is truly something special about Park, and I attribute that uniqueness to its culture, the ParkWay. At its foundation, the ParkWay is about trust, integrity, and respect, but it’s more than just feel-good marketing. It’s a genuine care and concern for people; an honest emphasis on the well-being of our customers, our associates, and our community. When they prosper, we all prosper.

David Amelotte
Chief Financial Officer

What I value most about Park is the strong brand loyalty and overall sense of pride. This resonates the first day you walk through the doors. Our associates truly understand the history in building the Park culture, as well as the need to preserve going forward. We are fully committed to providing a “best-in-class” experience to all those we interact with. This includes Park associates, partners, customers, and community.  I am proud to be part of an organization with such a rich history, strong brand, and unique culture. 

Dirk Kloss
Vice President of Customer Experience

The element of Park Industries that I value most is the people. Whether customers or associates, each one is vital to mutual success. I admire the talented and dedicated fabricators who collaborate and trust our products and our support group while challenging us to be better and get better every day. I appreciate the associates who dedicate their energy and personal reputation to improving the customer experience, raising the bar with each day’s performance. This creates a winning team with a great playbook. I am proud to be part of this great team!

Duane Bryngelson
Executive Vice President of Engineering & Manufacturing

What I enjoy most about Park Industries is our commitment to the customers, associates and community. The culture of trust, integrity and respect allows all Park associates to continually strive for greatness both personally and professionally. Lastly, it is the community which we live and work in that we continue to support through our ongoing programs.

Meagan Hegland
National Sales Director

Of all the many things that I value about Park Industries, the ParkWay culture is what I value most. It is what separates us from other organizations. ParkWay not only embraces our core values like trust but is also one that encourages innovation and celebrates the individual. We have some of the friendliest and most hard-working employees. Business-wise, the competency and experience of our team has built an outstanding reputation in the industry. We exist to provide solutions that enable customer success! I am honored to represent Park every day. 

Family Owned since 1953

Built on family roots and leadership as strong as our equipment.

Leon First Generation Family Owned Park Industries 2

Leon Schlough

Leon founded the company in 1953 as Park Tool Company and introduced the HYDRASPLIT, stone’s first splitter.

Tom & Joyce Schlough

Tom & Joyce Schlough

Tom & Joyce took over in 1976, changed the name to Park Industries, and lead the voyage into CNC technology.

Mike Schlough & Chris Klimpel

Chris Klimpel & MIke SChlough

Mike & Chris became the third generation owners in 2012, and helped expand Park’s product line.

Leading In Our Industries & Communities

industry events associations sponsorships park industries

Industry Leader

Park Industries maintains a strong commitment to improve and lead our industries forward. Thus, Park is a proud member and supporter of many industry trade associations.

SponsorShips & Associations

  • Natural Stone Institute
  • ISFA
  • Stone Fabricators Alliance
  • Stone World
  • The International Surface Event
  • The RockHeads

Corporate Responsibility

Park Industries purpose and culture encompasses corporate social responsibility. We believe we have an obligation to care for the community in which we live and operate.

Donations & Sponsorships

  • Adopt a Highway
  • Big Brother, Big Sister – Central MN
  • Local High Schools & Colleges
  • Numerous Donation Drives
  • Paid Volunteering Time for Associates
  • United Way
  • VEX Robotics