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SlabVision 4022 Park Industries Slab Scanning Machine

SlabVision’s compact design takes up minimal space in your shop, saving you precious real estate required by other slab imaging stations to maximize your workspace.

With the largest slab capacity in the industry of up to 157” wide and 86.6” high, easily capture slabs of any size on the SlabVision scanner.

SlabVision 4022 Slab Scanning Machine at Park Industries
SlabVision 4022 Slab Scanning Machine at scanning a stone slab at Park Industries

SlabVision’s advanced LED lighting system ensures that environmental conditions, such as reflections from sunlight or shop lighting, do not affect image quality.

This feature guarantees unmatched image accuracy and consistent performance, no matter where in your shop the machine is located.

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Precision Imaging

Capture accurate digital maps of slabs, ensuring precise measurements.

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Efficient Inventory Control

Reduce errors and optimize material usage for cost savings.

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Effortless Veinmatching

Veinmatching software allows you to match slabs based on vein pattern.

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