Key Company Milestones

Since 1953, Park Industries® has been designing, manufacturing, selling, and supporting high precision fabrication solutions. Where stone fabrication has evolved, we have helped prompt the change, or at the very least evolved with it. Our invaluable experience in this industry is unmatched and benefits our customers greatly.

Take a scroll through Park Industries company history.



Gran-A-Stone company was founded by Leon Schlough & Alvina Schlough. This business manufactured and sold a concrete stone product that was used as a building veneer similar to face brick.


Park Tool Company began as a division of Gran-A-Stone company.

Leon Schlough realized that the Gran-A-Stone product was larger and harder than brick that masons were accustomed to using. Therefore, he designed and built a hydraulic press to split the Gran-A-Stone blocks. At this time, there wasn’t an adequate splitter available in the market to cut Gran-A-Stone.


The answer to the Gran-A-Stone challenge was launched by Leon Schlough, as a hydraulic masonry cutter – known as the HYDRASPLIT Model 888.


During this time, two larger machines capable of splitting larger materials were developed and introduced. This led to inquiries for larger, production oriented machines for use in quarries and stone manufacturing plants. The first of these machines was the HYDRASPLIT Model 2440P , the first “equalizing blade” machine with a splitting force of 80,000 pounds, 8 inch max split thickness, and 24 inch split width.



Next came the HYDRASPLIT Model 38 with 220,000 pounds of splitting force, 12 inch split thickness, and 38 inch split width.


The HYDRASPLIT Model 50 was introduced. Many of the design concepts introduced in the 38 & 50 Models were used for future models. Model 50 had a 12 inch split thickness and 50 inch split width.


Park Tool Company had the opportunity to build an even larger HYDRASPLIT machine for a customer with a special job. This machine became the Model 96 and led Gran-A-Stone company into the monument and curbing industries. The Model 96 had a 600 ton split force, 18 inch split thickness, and 96 inch split width.


Tom Schlough, son of Leon Schlough, joins Gran-A-Stone Company.



The first 10′ HYDRASPLIT product was the Model 120. This machine had 1.2 million pounds of splitting force, making it the most powerful machine built in its time. The Model 120 had a 120 inch split width.


The Slant and Bevel Marker System was introduced. It was designed to improved efficiency in monument work manufacturing.


Gran-A-Stone Company divide into two individual companies: 1) Gran-A-Stone 2) Park Tool Company.

The Slab Turner was introduced. It was used to rotate stone slabs. This product was later renamed the ‘POSI-TURNER’ and has since been sold to many Fortune 500 Companies for use in a variety of applications.


Tom and Joyce Schlough purchased ‘Park Tool Company’ from Leon Schlough, Tom’s father.


Park Tool Company launched their 1st United Way Campaign.


Diamond Tipped Disc Saw was developed and introduced. It was used for cutting granite slabs into “slant and hickey” markers. The Diamond Tipped Disc Saw had a 60 inch blade diameter, 22 inch split thickness, and 10 feet cut length.



120″ Diamond Saw was manufactured. Currently, several models in different sizes and capabilities are in use for the production of granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, and man-made products. The 120″ Diamond Saw had a 50 inch split thickness and 10 feet cut length.


HYDRASPLIT Rubble Handling System was designed and introduced. This machine, a conveyor system to carry stone slabs into the HYDRASPLIT and cut pieces out, was designed to help our customers increase production, save labor, and improve material handling and working conditions.


‘Park Tool Company’ changed its name to ‘Park Industries, Inc.®’

Park Industries, Inc.® built and moved to a new facility located at 6600 Saukview Drive, St. Cloud, MN. The 30,000 sq. ft. facility was needed to provide more efficient production space and capabilities to respond to its customers’ growing needs.


The ACCU-CUT was designed and manufactured. This was the first machine designed for granite countertop fabricators. It was a flexible diamond sawing/profiling system for dimensional and decorative stone cutting needs.


1st Automatic CNC Router Developed and Introduced: developed for the dimensional shaping and cutting of marble and granite for primarily countertops and vanities.


Adoption of the ‘Quality System Pledge’:
A contributing factor to our success was the adoption of a Quality System, which invites all Park Industries® associates to suggest ways to reduce cost and improve performance. Every Park associate signs the quality pledge; “I agree to develop, produce, and provide on time products and services that conform to our customers’ requirements.”



The 1st Pro-Edge, Edge Polishing Machine was launched. This was a very important innovation for Park – established Park as a legitimate equipment provider to the granite countertop industry.


A Board of Advisers for Park Industries® was formed.


The COUGAR Diamond Saw was launched.


The WIZARD Radial Arm Edge Shaping & Polishing Machine and the Automatic HYDRASPLIT® Stone Splitting System were launched.


The EAGLE II Block Saw and the CNC Automatic Profiler were launched.


The ODYSSEY CNC Sawing, Routing, & Edging Shaping Machine and the JAGUAR Diamond Saw were launched.


The 6301 facility was built to accommodate countertop customer growth and improve manufacturing systems and efficiency.



The ParkWay™ was established.


The 1st ThinStone machine was introduced to the market – a custom project for a long time customer that evolved into a major product line.


Park Industries® was presented the ‘Good Samaritan Award’ from Catholic Charities of St. Cloud, MN.


The VELOCITY® Decorative Edger was launched.


“Board of Advisers” shifted to “Board of Directors” – providing a governance structure to align/balance.

PRO-EDGE® IV, the latest in Decorative Edger was introduced, along with the FUSION® WaterJet Series for countertops, and the TXS-4000 Series ThinStone Veneer Saw.


The Pathfinder® Digital Slab Station was launched, along with the Architectural YUKON® II Semi-Auto Bridge Saw.

Park Industries® received a national award for ‘Best Small & Medium Companies to Work for in America’.



Park Industries® TXS Thin Veneer Saws were awarded a United States Patent.


The TITAN® Fab Center CNC Saw + Router was launched.

Mike Schlough (son of Tom Schlough) and Joan Schatz accepted the position of Park Industries® Co-Presidents.


HydroClear™ Water Clarification Systems were launched.
Park Industries® Celebrates 60th Anniversary.



The FUSION® WaterJet receives the ‘Innovation Award’ of Greater St. Cloud, MN Development Corporation.

United Way awarded Park Industries® ‘Best in Show” for large companies in Central MN.

Tom Schlough receives 2015 ‘Migliore Award” for Lifetime Achievement.


The SABER™ 5-Axis CNC Saw, FASTBACK® II Flat Edge Polisher, and Architectural FUSION® CNC SawJet Series were launched.

Park Industries® was awarded ‘Manufacture of the Year’ by Central Minnesota Manufacturers Association’s.


The TXS-3000 Whisper ThinStone® Veneer Saw and RAPTOR were introduced.

6301 building starts facility expansion to increase capacity and improve manufacturing processes.

Park Industries® was awarded ‘Best of Technology’ at TISE (The International Surface Event) for the OPTIMUS® Robotic SawJet.


The SABERjet™ CNC SawJet was introduced.



Park Industries® launches numerous new solutions amidst COVID-19 Pandemic, including:

Park Industries® named “Manufacturer of the Year” by Manufacturers Alliance of Minnesota.

HydroClear Pro 220 | Water Recycling, Clarification, & Management for Stone Fabrication Machinery
TITAN CNC Router - 3000 Series for Stone Countertop Fabrication


Milestone reached: Over 16,000 machines sold in North America.


Park Industries® celebrates their 70th anniversary!

As we look to the future, we remain steadfast in our dedication to providing innovative machines and solutions, technical education, and the highest level of service and support.

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Used Stone Machinery Listings

We are absolutely delighted with the VOYAGER XP. It enabled us to take on massive jobs while easily meeting the production demands, intricate miters, and material requirements. Without it, we could never have imagined executing this project so efficiently, precisely, and comfortably.

Mike Somora

Gebauer Tile & Stone

The mitering capabilities of the VOYAGER XP have been nothing short of outstanding, whether we are working with porcelain or any other material. The improved cut quality has also made the installation process considerably easier.

Mike Somora

Gebauer Tile & Stone

The SABERjet™ XP is an absolute workhorse, even when cutting quartzite. Its 27hp motor lets us cut through it with ease, no longer needing to step cut, which results in nice time savings.


Epic Ceramic & Stone

This is hands down the best saw from the best company in the market! It’s built to last, productive, extremely accurate, and easy to maintain. This machine has truly transformed our workshop.

Josiah Lilley

Epic Ceramic & Stone

We needed workhorse machines. The TITAN®s clearly fit that bill.

Scott Byers

Majestic Kitchen and Bath

Going digital has been a game changer for us. Our clients can send the challenges and more work right on over! We are ready to take it all on with our talented team and our efficient equipment.

Laura Grandlienard


The Pathfinder® enabled us to get the vein matching just right to make multiple slabs for a large kitchen backsplash look like one solid block from the quarry.

Laura Grandlienard


The VOYAGER™ XP is a workhorse. It miters no problem. I can tell you with full-confidence, this saw has been a game changer for us. It has enhanced our productivity and efficiency. It’s an amazing machine, we just love it.

Laura Grandlienard


We are blown away with how fast the VOYAGER™ XP cuts. A project our bridge saw would’ve cut in hours, the VOYAGER™ XP cuts in minutes.

Laura Grandlienard


The labor savings with the FASTBACK® II is huge. The FASTBACK® II running for 1-2 hours will complete what it takes two qualified polishers to complete in a full day. If I took the FASTBACK® II out of the shop, the guys would kill me.

Joe Duszka

Carolina Custom Surfaces

The HydroClear™ PRO is one of the best investments we ever made. Once it is turned on, it runs with no problems.

Joe Duszka

Carolina Custom Surfaces

The product quality coming off the TITAN® is incredible. The machine is a workhorse, producing high quality edges at a typical rate of 320 inches per minute, but some tools we can run over 400 inches per minute.

Joe Duszka

Carolina Custom Surfaces

The decision to get the SABERjet™ XP was a no-brainer. I really like how well it cuts the trickier materials. We are producing Dekton, porcelain, and various ultra compact surfaces- with improved speed and accuracy.

Joe Duszka

Carolina Custom Surfaces

Mitering is extremely important to us and so is the ability to cut fragile materials. On the SABERjet™ XP the other day, we mitered 3 slabs in under 3 hours. I could have never cut this on a robot.

Yancy Devine

Old World Granite & Stone

The VOYAGER™ XP has been a total game changer. Previously we steered customers away from miters because they came off of our manual saw needing lots of additional work. Now, our miters are razor-sharp right away. The speed of the VOYAGER XP™ has been amazing.

Dave Standerfer

Standerfer Stoneworks

The edges come off flawlessly polished on the FASTBACK® II. On our old edge machine, we had to work hard with a lot of finessing to get high quality edges. With the FASTBACK® II we just ‘set it & forget it’… well we can’t forget it, because it’s coming out so fast!

Ryan Sjostrom

Rino's Tile & Stone

The TITAN® Fab Center is the main component of our workforce. If we focus on feeding this machine, the sky’s the limit.

Ryan Sjostrom

Rino's Tile & Stone

The speed of this saw blows our minds with how fast it can cut. The VOYAGER™ XP doubles the speed of our previous bridge saw in its sleep.

Ryan Sjostrom

Rino's Tile & Stone

The VOYAGER™ XP allows us the ability to miter a large variety of materials, including those that are more susceptible to fractures. We simply lay our pieces out and let it cut. We have eliminated any extra handwork.

Ryan Sjostrom

Rino's Tile & Stone

The HydroClear™ Pro 95 has our water running incredibly clear. It looks like drinking water after going through this system! The water from our prior water treatment system looked like mud in comparison.

Blake Anderson

Alaska Countertops

This thing just prints money. The FASTBACK® II runs material through at 65-70 inches per minute to a perfect polish. You cannot get anywhere near that hand polishing. I’ve never seen a better polish in my life.

Blake Anderson

Alaska Countertops

Four fabricators working by hand for a full day will produce the same amount as what our TITAN® will produce in a few hours. The TITAN® speeds production up – it eats up everything we feed it.

Blake Anderson

Alaska Countertops

Our previous saws couldn’t handle such a high workload at once, but the VOYAGER™ XP CNC Saw just punches them out with ease.

Troy Naylor

Stone Works International

The Pathfinder™ system allows you to vein match with an extremely high level of precision. Without it, you could spend hours moving pieces around trying to line it all up, but with it you could test out 30 scenarios in three minutes right on the computer.

Troy Naylor

Stone Works International

No shop can afford NOT to have a FASTBACK® II. It has one task (backsplash) and it does it stellar.

Narelle Hooker

McKenzie Stone & Tile

The TITAN® is a true game changer. This is the machine that will help us scale up – we walk away from it while it works and prints you money.

Narelle Hooker

McKenzie Stone & Tile

The VOYAGER™ XP has nearly tripled the number of slabs we can cut in the day over our previous bridge saw. It’s helped us tremendously with porcelain. It cuts far faster, with much cleaner cuts.

Narelle Hooker

McKenzie Stone & Tile

We use Park IQ™ every day. It helps you stay in constant communication with your shop’s biggest employee – your machines. And you can do this from your office, home, anywhere. It saves me four or five trips out to the shop floor each day.

Jim Schwitzer

Out of the Woods Granite

Park Industries® installed a FASTBACK® II Edge Polisher in my shop 3 months ago…This machine is absolutely amazing and a game changer!! I always believed you could not get a better polish from a machine, but I would put this machine up against any hand polisher hands down. It has worked flawlessly and improved our productivity way beyond our original expectations!!!

Mike Drentlaw

Precision Tops

The FASTBACK II has had a huge return on investment for us. Single best tool we have purchased. Can’t go wrong with this machine.”

Kyle Bourgoin

Rock Solid Surfaces

The SABERjet™ XP completely changed my business and made me feel safe to take on any contracts even with less labor. Trust, quality and customer service – that’s what Park Industries® offers. It’s been a miracle for my business.

Emad Dawood

State Stone Work Inc.

Oh man, the FASTBACK® II is the best to polish with. I can polish a full kitchen in under 20 minutes, we are so pleased with that machine.

The Martinez's

San Marcos Marble & Tile

We invested all of our savings to get our SABERjet™ XP. And it was the best decision we’ve ever made. We are at 3x the capacity as before and have gone from a little company that’s been around to a big player. I still pinch myself to see if it’s real.

The Martinez's

San Marcos Marble & Tile

We are very happy with the SABERjet™ XP. It miters extremely well, saving labor with the MiterJet feature. It just makes everything fit together so well. The machine is designed to cut any material well. Porcelain and Dekton, which use to cause issues in the shop, are now just another job.

Mike Langenderfer

The Countertop Shop

We are extremely pleased with how our TITAN® CNC Routers run. They help me maximize my business and take the guesswork out of finishing tops compared to hand fabrication. The consistency in the edges are great.

Mike Langenderfer

The Countertop Shop

Where do I start with? The backsplash comes out perfect. The polish is glass. We can run vanities and islands through it too. The speed alone…we went from one guy doing backsplash all day to running this machine for 30 minutes a day. It’s not even a question, it pays for itself so fast…every shop needs a FASTBACK® II.

Derick & Winnie Hunt

Cabinet & Granite Depot

I love, love, love my TITAN® CNC Routers. We have a 2800 and two 3700s. Our shop guys now try to only use the 3700s because they are just so much faster. It’s unbelievable how fast they run, especially how fast they change tools and fly around the table.

Derick & Winnie Hunt

Cabinet & Granite Depot

It’s fast, powerful, and accurate, but the main reasons we chose the SABERjet™ XP are the mitering and porcelain cutting capabilities. Being able to miter with both blade and jet is a game changer. The saw’s intuitive abilities to slow-down and speed up while cutting fragile materials makes cutting them so much easier.

Derick & Winnie Hunt

Cabinet & Granite Depot

Being able to load up the TITAN® table with big islands or full jobs is getting them done faster and freeing up my guys to do other jobs. Everything is just getting done quicker and more efficiently since adding it.

Courtney & Oskar Gruber

Chippewa Stone

The SABERjet XP is a game changer! We love the way the machine runs and it has given us the ability to take on commercial work. The machine’s capabilities were extremely evident when we cut 8 bathroom vanities and the SABERjet™ XP had it all done in under 45 minutes. This would’ve taken us all day previously.

Courtney & Oskar Gruber

Chippewa Stone

For the amount of space the OPTIMUS™ takes up, compared to how much it produces, it’s definitely the way to go. It moves from one side of the slab to the other super fast. And just the look of it, it still kind of gives me the chills. It’s a beast.

Paul Volpe

East Coast Countertops

The FASTBACK® II is one of the most important pieces of equipment any shop should have. It’s going to pay for itself. What it does in one day, it would take a fabricator a full week. And the longevity of the tool life is insane. Just what your saving in pads, it’s worth buying the machine.

Paul Volpe

East Coast Countertops

I love my TITANs because they are reliable and easy to maintain…especially our new TITAN® 3800. Less maintenance more runtime!! We are super excited to have another 3800 coming soon!

Ross Andrews

Artistic Marble & Granite

I love it when a full, new kitchen comes off my TITAN 3800 all shiny in less than two hours.

Chris Alexander

Alexander Counterwright LLC

Why we love our TITAN®? Easy, it makes every job easier and faster!!

Irving Romo

Stonewood Granite

I love my TITAN® because its always running and there to help when my team needs it.

Rodrigo Peralta

Dragon Stone Countertops

We love our TITAN® so much that we have four of them and are looking at adding two more.

Erick Gonzalez

Southern Stone Surfaces

Hands down best purchase we have made!! You can literally program any job within a matter of minutes, set the table up, walk away and go run a different machine. The TITAN® is just a workhorse that never takes a day off!

Damian Rapciak

Granite Solution 1

We are so pleased with the SABERjet™ XP – the machine is of the highest quality. Working with Park Industries® is, from the first moment, a true display of professionalism and dedication.

Gregor Richter

Richter Stone

It is not about how much you get out the door…it is about how efficiently you do it. To produce 2,000 sq. ft. / week with only 4 people is a thing of beauty. The SABERjet™ XP Two Table Sawjet is the best investment I’ve ever made.

Moe Coelho

Moe Coelho Porcelain / Sudbury Granite

Prior the SABERjet™ XP, we never cut Porcelain or other materials like Dekton. We’ve been able to jump right into that market and not miss a beat. The machine’s mitering capabilities have been huge for us to do this, as those materials are almost always finished with a mitered edge. Time spent cleaning up inside mitered corners has been eliminated thanks to the mitering waterjet.

Moe Coelho

Moe Coelho Porcelain / Sudbury Granite

The VOYAGER XP increased our opportunity to do different types of projects, its saving us 60% or more on processing time and parts now come off the saw customer-ready. We don’t have to touch them up, they’re exactly accurate, ready for the next step. Adding it was 100% a success.

Scott Hackney

Marenakos Rock Center

Polishing manually prior to the FASTBACK® II, we averaged about 2” / min by hand. Now, we run everything through that FASTBACK® II at 60” / min or more. The polish is perfect every time. It saves us a ton of time and time is money.


Quality Floor Covering & Stone

The VOYAGER™ XP has every capability we could’ve wanted – the router bit, TightCut™ blade plunging, tilt table, miter cutting, arc blade cutting and more. Prior to getting it, we were struggling to cut and finish 80-90 sq ft in an 8 hr day. Yesterday, we cut and finished 200 sq ft no problem.


Quality Floor Covering & Stone

The FASTBACK II does the work of 3-4 polishers. I can’t feed the FASTBACK® II fast enough, and the finish comes off like glass – a perfect polish….even on full islands. I wish I got this machine years ago – it’ll pay for itself in a year or so.

Mike Phelix

Granite Details

Man, I love it [VOYAGER XP]!  The speed, accuracy, and reliability are night and day better from our previous saw. The 27 hp motor doesn’t budge no matter what material it’s cutting and we use the TightCut on every single job. We’ve doubled our production by far since adding it.

Mike Phelix

Granite Details

We just cut slab #10,001 on our SABERjet™ (which is just under 2 years old)! That translates to 454 slabs per month, 113 per week and 22.5 per day. We run it about 16 hours per day and the consistency  of the saw has been amazing since the day we got it.

Flav Rusu

Natural Stone City

Love our new VOYAGER™ XP and SIDE-SHOT™ camera system. We’ve experienced fast, clean processing of even the most difficult materials like Taj Mahal Quartzite and Dekton. Our installer Jason was awesome and support is available 24/7. Before the machinery was installed, I was working 16 hrs /day to keep up with the workload and now get it done in 10 hr days, leaving more time for family and a little surfing! Mahalos Park Industries®!!

Don Thompson

Thompson Stonework (Hawaii)

When I think about the amount of time I’ve wasted hand-polishing splash… (laughs) After seeing what the FASTBACK® II can do, I can’t imagine not having it. It’s easily paid for itself.

Matt Zafros

Honed Surfaces

The SABERjet™ XP is invaluable. It seems like a big price tag, but it’s worth it. With the SABERjet™ XP, the sky is now the limit for us. It’s hard to actually put into words how much that saw has changed my shop. No job is too complicated any more.

Matt Zafros

Honed Surfaces

The SABERjet™ XP is so fast! My revenue has increased by 50% while my labor costs have stayed flat because I added the SABERjet™ XP, absolutely. After seeing that, I just couldn’t stop smiling – it blew my mind! It runs so smoothly, I really can’t keep the thing fed to be honest. With three guys fabricating and one guy sawing, I’m finishing over 8 slabs per day – all with mitered drop edges!

Matt Zafros

Honed Surfaces

The dual bed FUSION®? Best decision we could’ve ever made. There’s zero lag time. We paid it off in two years and can cut up to 25 slabs in an 8-hour shift…in a laminate market no less.

Philip Kern

Old World Tile & Granite

If you do at least 2 kitchens a day, the FASTBACK® II is the machine you can feel good to buy without any hesitation. It just prints money…It’s an absolute no brainer.

Joe DeMelo

Evolution Marble and Granite

The SABERjet™ XP is a great machine. It gave us the ability to get into a new market and increased our capacity about 60% without adding any additional labor. It’s 100% a game-changer for our shop.

Joe DeMelo

Evolution Marble and Granite

Thank you for helping us take a giant step going from a Blue Ripper rail saw to the VOYAGER™  XP CNC Saw. I appreciate how helpful Park Industries® was every step of the way! With their help, I’m a SMALL business making BIG changes!

Jon Van Weele

Southern edge Countertops

We purchased the SABERjet XP for our custom production…the 5-axis waterjet handles inside miters, curves, custom edges, and more expertly.

Dave Stockett

Stockett Tile & Granite

Just by adding the FUSION®, we dropped our fabrication costs by half.

Dave Stockett

Stockett Tile & Granite

The TightCut™ has given us much greater material yield, the saw just doesn’t slow down with its 27 hp motor, and the ability to miter all edges of a large island is great, but knowing that they’ll still be supporting our VOYAGER™ XP 20 years from now, made all the difference in the world to me.

Mark Melling

Melling Granite

Park Industries® made my first CNC experience so great; I can’t help but recommend the VOYAGER™ XP. I am loving the saw and the service I’ve received. Everything has just been quality through and through.

Edward Zimmerman

Whispering Pines Woodcraft

It takes longer to load/unload the VOYAGER™ XP then it does to cut the job. We are cutting most of our slabs in 8-14 minutes, easy. The simple programming, TightCut™ blade plunging, and manual mode all separated it from the competition. Man, I just really like that saw. All it does is make you money.

Scott Johanningmeier

Johanningmeier Construction & Stone

You would have to pry the FASTBACK® II out of my dead fingers…I couldn’t go without it. We’ve run out of stuff to put through it. It’s so well built, I love it.

Dustin Wallace

Take it for Granite LLC

The OPTIMUS™ is a workhorse for us. It cuts fast with a high IPM for us.

Jason Borden

Chivino Surfaces

The biggest reason we got the SABERjet™ was for miterjetting inside corners. It saves me over 8 hours of labor per week, just for that one feature!

Jason Borden

Chivino Surfaces

They are FAST! It takes a job that would take a skilled guy 15 minutes and does it in 3 minutes. They just keep crushing it through. FASTBACK® II [Edge Polishers] are worth every penny!

Jason Borden

Chivino Surfaces

We wouldn’t even be able to be in the veneer market without the TXS-3000.

Steve Hedberg

Hedberg Aggregates

The TXS-3000 Whisper is built extremely well and produces clean cuts for our brick production with minimal chipping. It’s very easy to service with the pop-up shroud design. You can just tilt the shroud. Also the whisper technology has significantly reduces the noise of the machine. We run all sizes of brick cut to 5/8” thick cutting both flats and corners, producing approximately 40,000 brick veneer slabs per week with it.

Cloud Ceramics/Kansas Brick

I couldn’t live without the FASTBACK® II. No one can tell me I could live without it. Period, end of a story. No one should have a doubt about this machine. Call me or come visit if you do have a doubt.

Mike Alnaser

AA Granite Fabrication Center

The SABERjet™ and the FASTBACK® II…I love those two machines. They save me so much money….so much money.

Mike Alnaser

AA Granite Fabrication Center

Both the TITAN® Fab Center and FASTBACK® II have far exceeded expectations. I wish I had bought both of them 5 years ago.

Kevin Vickery

KC Granite

We chose the SABERjet™ for its compact design and how tight it can nest. The waterjet capabilities are amazing, its miterjet is spot on. The blade to transition jet is damn good. The arc jet mitering worked out extremely well for a shower job we did with curved miters. The SABERjet rips through production and feeds our two TITAN’s.

Rocky Almaya Jr.

Imperial Marble of Texas

Our two TITAN’s have great polishing quality, they’re always precise, and extremely reliable. They can run nonstop, it’s very satisfying to push the button and walk away to do something else. When you come back to it, the job is done and the pieces always turn out great.

Rocky Almaya Jr.

Imperial Marble of Texas

The HydroClear™ has cut our water bill in half while keeping everything clean. It filters the water really well. During tours, customers love hearing about the HydroClear and the positive environmental impact of it.

Rocky Almaya Jr.

Imperial Marble of Texas

In the first six months that we owned our SABERjet™, we increased sales by $100,000 and decreased labor by $80,000.

Brian Ricciardi

Ricciardi Marble & Granite

Our experience with Park Industries® machinery has been a night and day difference above the other equipment companies.

Mike Medina


The ability to hold each person from the measurer through installation accountable for each individual piece of every job is invaluable. With each piece being carefully checked and signed off on by each person that touches it we have seen a dramatic decrease in rebuilds and refabs and ultimately, happier customers. It has stopped our guys from being able to pass an issue down the line to the next guy which was causing us to over fabricate pieces, wasting time and effort. The product has honestly made us a more successful shop with our customer satisfaction and financially.

Brian Tekulve

Front Range Stone

Since the implementation of SPEEDlabel® we have been able to grow 2 fold in the past 2 year’s without adding additional CAD personal. Simply amazing. And now to be coupled with we are very excited about the future of our companies bottom line. More production and better quality, fewer remakes, and all in less time. It’s a no brainer.

Matt Hasley

Big Creek Granite

Before purchasing the HydroClear, we were cleaning our water recycling system twice a week. With the addition of the HydroClear we clean it once a month.

Randy Rangel

Vaughn's Countertops

We have seen immediate improvement with the addition of the HydroClear. Our previous water filtration unit could not keep up with our saws. Any sawing after hours would result in a flooded shop. Now we are able to run overnight without any problems. The HydroClear is, simply put, a better piece of equipment. It saves us costs on parts and labor, allows more space, and requires less maintenance.

Rob Solfisburg

IBC Lansing Cut Stone

The HydroClear keeps production running efficiently, our machines operating clean, and our water bill low.

Charlie Sofronas

Sygma Stone

The TXS-4800 has a double blade that makes it easy to adjust thickness. The flexibility of the machine produces high-quality cuts of thin brick, thin brick corners, and lipped stretchers. The TXS-4800 has cut our production time in about half. It is a huge labor savings.

Gerry Gunning

Interstate Brick

The TXS is unbelievable. It will be a while before we get our crew up to the capability of the machine. I love the unbreakable-ness of it, and I love all the support.

Mike Harrington

Stoneyard Building Materials

First and foremost our new TXS-4500 SA (Single Arbor) machine paid for itself in under two months. Secondly, if it was not for the TXS-4500 we would not have been able to meet our customer’s needs. Finally, the total experience in dealing with Park Industries® has been refreshing and first class.

T.J. Jaworsky

Blakes Wholesale Stone

The TXS-4500 Single-Arbor machine has taken our production from 500 ceramic bricks per day to 3,000 per day, still utilizing just one person!

Mike Kaiser

Cloud Ceramics

The PRO-EDGE® IV Edge Polisher has helped increase production and get more finished countertops out the door. We’ve had no issues with operating this machine, it’s compact, and the chore of maintenance has been eased.

Shawn Gomes

Ceramic Tile Plus

The TITAN® Fab Center helps small startup businesses grow. We just got the SABER and it complements the Fab Center well. The combination of the two is unbelievable. We have quadrupled our production!

Kevin Meyer

Countertop Factory

The TITAN® Fab Center has exceeded our expectations and our production has increased tenfold. We were doing 2-3 kitchens per week by hand and with the TITAN® Fab Center we are doing two kitchens a day with two men with ease.

Brenton Springer

Premier Surfaces

We are very excited about the benefits of the OPTIMUS™, the low maintenance, and operational simplicity.

Tom Callahan

True Blue Granite

First and foremost, our ThinStone® TXS machine paid for itself in under two months. Secondly, if it was not for the TXS we would not have been able to meet our customer’s needs. Finally, the total experience in dealing with Park Industries® has been refreshing and first class.

T.J. Jaworsky

Blakes Wholesale Stone

The ThinStone® TXS machine is unbelievable. It will be a while before we get our crew up to the capability of the machine. I love the unbreakable-ness of it, and I love all the support.

Mike Harrington

Stoneyard Building Materials

From an efficiency perspective, there have been substantial improvements. Previously, we had to wash every piece of stone before putting it on the machine. The addition of the spray bar takes a step out of the process. Our stone is the cleanest it’s ever been coming off the ThinStone® TXS-3000 Whisper and we are very happy with the machine. We love working with Park Industries®.

Trevor Holcomb

Champlain Stone

This ThinStone® TXS-3000 Whisper is easy to operate, service, and has significantly increased our production capacity. Our investment in this advanced equipment has allowed us to become more productive with the same labor inputs. Our production rate, based on demand and inventory levels, has the ability to exceed 16,000+ square feet per month, running one shift. Park Industries® manufactures a great product and they have been a pleasure to work with.

Mike McManimon


The TXS machine makes it easy to adjust blade thickness. The flexibility of the machine produces high-quality cuts of thin brick, thin brick corners, and lipped stretchers. The TXS Machine has cut our production time in about half. It is a huge labor savings.

Gerry Gunning

Interstate Brick

We just purchased a SABER [CNC Saw] and cannot say how great everything has been. Park Industries® customer service is outstanding and the saw is beyond what we thought it could be.

Jason Schonert

Schonert & Associates Commercial Tile

Best CNC Machine Today.

Josh M.

Vaughn's Custom Countertops

After I had a prominent employee quit, I thought I would be in trouble. The SABER CNC Saw cuts the slab, sink, and all radius corners with only 20 minutes of programming in the morning! I didn’t think saws like the SABER existed. It puts the hardest part of fabrication in my hands and makes it easy. It reduces the stress of dealing with labor issues. With the SABER, and only two polishers, I’m doing 12 kitchens per week and I am cutting three days ahead.

Constantin Moga


Programmers can’t keep up with us, we blast through stone with our three Park Industries machines. My personal record is 12 slabs cut on the SABER [CNC Saw] and 10 hrs runtime between both TITANs [CNC Routers] in 1 shift…..solo I might add!

Steve Williams

KW Countertops

We are saving app. $2000 per month on plastic template material along with 6 labor hours per day since having the SABER CNC Saw installed.

Wayne Fajkus

Granite By Design

This easily trainable machine cut down on almost all of our overtime, while increasing production. Where we used to have overtime every other weekend, now its once every 3 months. The SABER CNC Saw is so easy to use. Once you tell it to cut, you are free to work on another job. There is time to prepare another job or inspect a slab. It is a nice flow and it helps projects get done quicker in a day. Once you hit ‘Go’, you can walk away.

Carmine Pantano

Frank's Marble & Granite

Everything was great, from training to install we are happy. I wish i had made this move 5 years ago. With the SABER [CNC Saw] we are able to produce 3x what were able to do with our previous bridge saw.

Daniil Skorev

Instone Granite & Marble

The SABER’s cutting accuracy and speed has really increased our production! It’s mitering speed has been very fast, and instead of it being a time consuming process, mitering has become a no big deal task with the SABER.

David Swernoff

Lakeside Stoneworks

That SABER™… for the price of the machine, it is the TOP machine in the market. Our SABER™ could outrun two routers going at once.

Jeremy Boatman

Boatman Tile & Granite

The VELOCITY® is a stone-eating machine. This machine will bring your productivity to a whole new level and propel you in a new league of fabrication.

Paul Menninger

Capitol Granite

The FUSION® increased number of jobs we can do by 500% without increasing my labor costs.

Blake + Jill Wamstad

Hatton Granite Countertops

We chose the SABERjet™ because of how easy it is to run….It’s so simple. I can easily  move it around in my shop if my shop changes. The main reason is the waterjet’s mitering capabilities. We do a lot of high end work that’s real tight. Now I have the SABERjet cutting my inside miter corners and I don’t have my guys wasting hour after hour cutting the debris off miters.

David Roberts

Granite Perfection

I don’t think any other CNC in the industry has the reputation of the TITAN®, and the TITAN® definitely has earned it.

Robert Wiemann & Giuseppe Vanderputten

Sarto Countertops

The TITAN 2800 produces the best ogee you can possibly get, no questions asked. The accuracy is crazy good.

Rob + Julie Foley

Sierra Stone Fabrication

We can send the same program from the SABER™ to the TITAN®. With extreme ease, our slabs are cut, mitered, and routed.

Mike Medina

Natural Stone Design Fabrication

The payback on our TITAN® was less than 1 year.

Blake + Jill Wamstad

Hatton Granite Countertops

“Our TITAN® does the job of at least four people.”

David Roberts

Granite Perfection

Purchasing the TITAN® is one of the best decisions I have ever made… Faster, easier to use, and better constructed than I expected.

Rich Young

The Top Shop

The TITAN® has greatly increased the quality of our finished product. I am impressed with all of its capabilities. We have been spitting out miters, chamfers, radius tops and splashes, and sloped drain pans with ease. Everyone coming in our shop is in awe to see it working. This machine is awesome!!

Patrick Walsh

Walsh Custom Surfaces

We’ve ran competitive CNC machinery and the TITAN’s performance is far superior. The polish off the TITAN® is incredible. This machines integrated tool management (ITM) system has eliminated any need for fit and finish. There is no touch up needed on the edges – at all, which has saved us considerable time and money. It is by far the best CNC machine on the market.

John Daiber

K & D Counter Tops

Programmers can’t keep up with us, we blast through stone with our three Park Industries machines. My personal record is 12 slabs cut on the SABER [CNC Saw] and 10 hrs runtime between both TITANs [CNC Routers] in 1 shift…..solo I might add!

Steve Wiliams

KW Countertops

Through years of machining experience, and with the help of the TITAN®’s Integrated Tool Management, I have proudly achieved 10,800 linear ft. with 1 set of A.D.I 80mm tooling. Previously, we were lucky to push 2,500 ft. with our previous CNCs from a different stone machine manufacturer.

Dave Egnor

Michigan Kitchen Distributors

Coming from a shop that had never fabricated stone before, this machine has been a godsend. The TITAN® has allowed us to eliminate additional labor and unnecessary handwork.

Mark Raby

Austin Countertops

Our TITAN® mirrors the operation of the company that produced it. Efficient, on-time, does what it says it will do when it says it will do it. Both the TITAN® and Park Industries® have been an asset to our company.

Eric Christensen

Mountaintop Stoneworks, Inc.

The TITAN® has truly impacted my business beyond what I was sold. I wish I had done this 2-3 years earlier.

Chip Carnevale

Pietra Naturale

Out of all equipment I own, Park Splitters give me the most production with the least amount of issues.

Eric Schouldice

Bruce Peninsula Stone

Before I had Slabsmith, I was manually trying to keep track of the partial slabs that I had in inventory. Now, with Slabsmith and the Pathfinder®, I know exactly what my partial slabs are [stone type and size] and am able to use these partial slabs for different jobs. This has had a huge impact on my material costs!

Greg Kivett

TrendStone, LLC

The SIERRA is a great saw. The simple, open design is very nice and makes the saw easy to maintain. Very simple to operate. I also like having the ability to customize the SIERRA to fit my preferences which is not hard to do with the help of Park’s service. It is a solid saw – I’ll still have this thing in 20 years.


Ramos Marble & Granite

Of all the companies we deal with in the equipment and tooling portion of our business, Park Industries response and service are the very best.

Grant Layman

Spraggins Fabrication and Supply

Park Industries has NO sales pressure tactics and continues to provide great service after the sale. I am looking forward to purchasing additional machines from Park in the future.

Don Senft

Natural Stoneworks

After purchasing the FUSION, I am saving big on material and labor costs. My installers are able to do 35% more work because of how accurately the FUSION cuts his work. My sales rep, Brian M, represented the details of this very well. It was certainly not oversold.

Christopher Raines

Gages Granite

The ramp up time to integrate the FUSION® 4245 within our facility was remarkable. We started experiencing the material and labor savings almost immediately.

John Daiber

K&D Counter Tops

I could not work without the FUSION® ever again after experiencing its productivity. We are using less laborers than before and if I were to go to a one machine shop, it would be a FUSION®. I am very happy with Park and they did a great job on the install.


Solid Image, Inc.

The FUSION® paid for itself in less than 12 months. We continue to be very happy with and how Park helps us – they truly care about our company.

David Fike

Heartland Stone

I am very happy with the FUSION®, but I think my wife is happier. There are no more late nights and I am spending more time with my kids. The overtime is virtually gone.

Brad Rodrick

Interiors Resources Group

I love the FUSION® Arch – made my life much easier. The physical labor has gone way down while saving a ton of time. The CNC capabilities allow me to do multiple jobs while it runs. The waterjet capabilities allows us to take on jobs we couldn’t have taking on before when we would have had to do it by hand. We used to use 2 and a half guys for the FUSION®’s purpose. Now we use one and it’s much faster!

Sean Odell

Sonny & Sons' Stone Co.

I don’t know what we would do without our FUSION® after using it for only 10 months.

Greg Steffen

Advanced Custom Counters

“This digital equipment package from Park Industries® (FUSION®, TITAN®, and Pathfinder®) provided us everything we were sold, and more. Our production is now much more efficient, less stressful, and has had a significant impact to our bottom-line. This digital package is a tremendous business management tool.”

Rick Bayne

Mesa Fully Formed

Park Industries® is a leader in the industry in both equipment and customer service. The YUKON® is more than what we expected.”

Elidio Esconbedo

Rock Solid Stone

My YUKON® continues to exceed my expectations. The performance is excellent. Park’s machines are excellent and they are made in the United States, which is important to me.

John Sklenar

Charlestowne Kitchen & Bath

We are totally thrilled with the service and quality of equipment from Park Industries®. Our YUKON® has significantly reduced our labor costs and have literally reduced our back pains.

Phil Nguyen

Top Granite, Inc.

The YUKON® is outstanding. My profitability has doubled since this machine was installed.

David Reid

Rocky Tops, Inc.

I’m extremely happy with our YUKON® from Park Industries®. It’s our second saw and third piece of equipment from Park. I’d highly recommend it.

Evan Kruger

SolidTops, LLC

A great addition to any shop…I would recommend even just starting out with a FASTBACK® II if you can’t afford a TITAN®. It increases your capacity and saves tons of labor hours.

Robert Wiemann & Giuseppe Vanderputten

Sarto Countertops

The SABERjet™ is an animal, it cuts all day, every day. It was clear to me that it offered the best return on investment.

Robert Wiemann & Giuseppe Vanderputten

Sarto Countertops

We used to hand fabricate every inside miter corner. With the SABERjet™, we save an hour on each corner. We have many projects with this type of edging so the time savings is huge!

Rob + Julie Foley

Sierra Stone Fabrication

The SABERjet™ has completely flipped our game! Our profits have increased, our turnaround time is faster, and the safety of our shop has been transformed. We have no dust in our shop. The SABERjet™ has had ridiculously positive effects on our shop.

Victor Swithenbank III

Contemporary Concepts

The FASTBACK® is a very easy machine to run. We push 30 inches of material through this machine every minute. It is a highly productive machine that has increased our productivity 10 fold.

Blake Wamstad

Hatton Granite Countertops

Put stone in the front and catch money on the end. Every shop needs a FASTBACK ® II.

Victor Swithenbank III

Contemporary Concepts

The FASTBACK® II is unbelievable. Saves us tons of time. Should have bought it 15 years ago….The guys LOVE it!

Paul White

Cache Valley Cabinets & Tops

I really like the consistent polish the FASTBACK® provides us.

Lance Van Norman

Exquisite Stone

The FASTBACK® has provided us tremendous quality and consistency.

Bill Heim

Heim Granite

Everything with this machine continues to go well. The only thing I would change about my experience with the FASTBACK® is buying one sooner!

Mark Sheibelhut

Custom Stone Interiors

The FASTBACK® has replaced two labor positions in my shop, and the machine will certainly pay for itself in 18 months.

Joe Rodriguez

Easy Care Countertops

The FASTBACK® is handling our flat edge production at twice the speed of our previous edger, saving us 7 labor hours per day.

Colby Powers

Metro Stoneworks

We had the Sasso Flying Flat which worked well for us over the past 6 years however, the quality and flexibility of the FASTBACK® is far superior. We are now running production tops through the FASTBACK® which eliminates even more hand polishing and TITAN® machine time. My operators are fighting over who gets to run the FASTBACK® and have started running splashes directly off the FUSION® vs. stacking them to the side and hoping someone else would run them.

Scott Hanes

Majestic Marble & Granite

The TITAN® Fab Center has exceeded our expectations and our production has increased tenfold. We were doing 2-3 kitchens per week by hand and with the TITAN® Fab Center we are doing two kitchens a day with two men with ease.

Brenton Springer

Premier Surfaces