Part Tracking System

SPEEDlabel®, designed for countertop fabricators by fabricators, provides a solution to track each “countertop” in your shop. Maintaining accountability for quality control, piece by piece has never been easier than with this system. SPEEDlabel® ensures the entire job is kept together – no missing pieces.

Speed Label for Stone Countertop Fabrication Shop Organization Park Industries

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Organize. Simplify. Enhance.

Organizes Jobs

SPEEDlabel® organizes the parts of each job within your shop:

  • Use SPEEDsnip® to create individual parts from your CAD drawing
  • Parts are automatically named and uploaded to the job within Moraware (i.e. Piece 1 of 7 Piece 2 of 7)
  • Customized label designs to choose from: top format, bottom format and edge format
  • User-defined information automatically pulls from Moraware – eliminates data entry
  • Quickly understand the status of every part in the shop

Saves Labor by Simplifying

SPEEDlabel® reduces the amount of time spent tagging and tracking parts of a job:

  • Eliminates the need for printing the Moraware form – shop becomes paperless
  • Eliminates the need for the CAD drawing/Shop Ticket – shop becomes paperless
  • Eliminates the need to hand write anything on the actual parts
  • Edge labels allow for identification of parts when job is complete (i.e. A-Frame, finished goods areas)
  • Allows for easy identification of pieces/parts in the shop

Improves Quality Control

SPEEDlabel® provides an individual part with dimensions and job details:

  • Shop fabricators focus on one part at a time, not the entire job at once
  • Quality control signature box adds accountability per piece
  • Customized data fields allow pertinent job information (i.e. install date, edge profile)

All In One Kit – Start Immediately

SPEEDlabel® provides everything you need to start printing labels and saving money:

  • Color laser printer with automatic cutter for use with continuous label rolls (print face and edge labels at the same time)
  • Customized labels that are tear & water proof, with specially formulated adhesive to stick to the countertops in a harsh environment, yet come off with ease
  • Labels so you can start printing right away and auto-ship replacement labels each month so you do not have to worry about reordering

The ability to hold each person from the measurer through installation accountable for each individual piece of every job is invaluable. With each piece being carefully checked and signed off on by each person that touches it we have seen a dramatic decrease in rebuilds and refabs and ultimately, happier customers. It has stopped our guys from being able to pass an issue down the line to the next guy which was causing us to over fabricate pieces, wasting time and effort. The product has honestly made us a more successful shop with our customer satisfaction and financially.

Brian Tekulve

Front Range Stone

Since the implementation of SPEEDlabel® we have been able to grow 2 fold in the past 2 year’s without adding additional CAD personal. Simply amazing. And now to be coupled with we are very excited about the future of our companies bottom line. More production and better quality, fewer remakes, and all in less time. It’s a no brainer.

Matt Hasley

Big Creek Granite