Plan. Prepare. Profit.

Entire Team Focused on Installation Preparation

Expert Installation Prep Team.

Timely, knowledgeable, and friendly, our expert Installation Prep Team understands the importance of getting your new investment set up properly. Their sole focus is to provide you with the knowledge, expertise, and support to ensure you have your site prepped and ready for the arrival of your new countertop or architectural machine. An installation coordinator will help you prepare your site for delivery and eliminate any delays to ensure on-time installation.  

How the Process Works

Our Installation Prep Consultants are solely focused on ensuring your site is prepped prior to the machine installation.  The below bullet points are some of the prep details they will cover with you. 

  • Review Installation Prep Guide and Machine Layout Drawings 
  • Installation Area Cleaned and Prep Ready 
  • Power, Water, and Air Requirements 
  • Network Requirements 
  • Tools & Supplies Required for the Installation 
  • Rigging Needs and Schedule Time 
  • LICENSED Electrician and Schedule Time 
  • LICENSED Plumber and Schedule Time (if needed) 
  • Park Industries Field Service Technician Scheduled Time 
  • A Designated Employee to Assist During the Installation 

Meet the Team

Our team of installation prep coordinators understands all the details to ensure the smooth and proper installation of your new machine and rely on their partnership with you to ensure prep tasks are completed in a timely manner.   

Kevin Ebnet - Park Industries Install Coordinator

Kevin Ebnet

Started at Park: 2018

Prior to Park Industries, Kevin worked in the metal fabrication industry for 15 years, starting as an Operator and ending as a Project Manager. Kevin joined Park in 2018 as a Machine Installer and is currently an Install Coordinator.

Rick Converse - Park Industries Install Coordinator

Rick Converse

Started at Park: 2012

Rick began his career at Park Industries in 2012 and started as a CNC Installer. Since then, he has held many roles including Field Service and Parts Sales Coordinator, Customer Support Technician, and more recently Installation Coordinator.

John Kremer - Park Industries Install Coordinator

John Kremer

Started at Park: 1983

In 1983, John began his career at Park Industries and has held many roles including manufacturing, purchasing, and customer service, and in the last 20 years has worked as an Installation Coordinator.

Shawn Rieland - Park Industries Install Coordinator

Shawn Rieland

Started at Park: 2005

Shawn began working at Park Industries in the Technical Support Group and was in that role for eight years prior to becoming an Installation Coordinator.

Chris Everson - Park Industries Install Coordinator

Chris Everson

Started at Park: 2013

Chris joined the Park team in 2013. For the first eight years, he was an Installation/Service Technician and is currently an Installation Coordinator.