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Dive deeper into the capabilities of stone machinery with our video series: Cut This, Polish That.

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Park Industries - Cut this, Polish that
Park Industries - Cut this, Polish that
Park Industries - Cut this, Polish that

See how Park Industries machines stack up to challenging jobs.

Join our team of highly knowledgeable application specialists to gain fabrication insights and watch industry-leading machinery take on anything!

This series goes beyond the machines, with tips and trends just for stone fabricators helping YOU grow your skills, your knowledge, and of course, your business.

Park Industries Cut This, Polish That - Application Specialists

Latest Episode

Mitered Dekton Trapezoid on the New JAVELIN™

(Mini Episode)

In our first mini episode of Cut This, Polish That™, the JAVELIN™ CNC Sawjet cuts two slabs of Dekton™ Trillium for a custom trapezoid center piece table, boasting compound miters with angles reaching 56°.

The JAVELIN showcases its miter skills and ability to dominate complex custom work for a special customer demo.

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TITAN 4000 Series Full Table Challenge - Cut This Polish That

PACKED Table (85 Sq Ft of Kitchen Parts) On the New TITAN 4800

85 square feet of parts for a large kitchen and more…all packed onto the spacious table of the new TITAN® 4800. How long will it take to finish these on the TITAN CNC router?

Thunderstorm Porcelain Island (From Beginning to End)

Thunderstorm porcelain. 18 total miters. Compound miters. Fully wrapped island. CNC sawjet precision.

Witness the transformation of four stunning slabs of Infinity Thunderstorm 12mm porcelain into a complex island boasting compound miters and unconventional angles.

Dominating Euro Seams with a CNC Saw & Flat-Edger

We tackle a fabricator request to create a Euro seam countertop using just the VOYAGER XP and FASTBACK II.  See the programming, cutting, and edging process of an “L piece” with a Euro seam.

The FASTBACK® II vs Hand Polisher Challenge

The speedy flat-edger races a highly skilled hand polisher with 10+ years of experience.

The challenge? Polish as many flat-edge parts as you can in 20 minutes.

Sloping & Leathering a Shower Base

On the TITAN® CNC Router

On this episode of Cut This, Polish That, we watch the TITAN® CNC Router turn a piece of granite into a beautiful, functional shower base.

Mitered Kitchen Challenge

SABERjet XP vs Robot & Miter Saw

See the SABERjet™ XP CNC Sawjet go head to head versus a robotic sawjet & miter saw combo in this mitered kitchen challenge!

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