Capture Everything with the SlabVision™


Park Industries®, North America’s leading manufacturer of stone CNC machinery, recently announced that it has launched a partnership with Taglio Software House, a market leader in CAD/CAM industrial cutting software, to serve as the North American distributor of SlabVision stone scanners. The partnership broadens North American manufacturers’ digital imaging solutions with this state-of-the-art slab scanning technology.

SlabVision is an advanced and efficient scanning system. The system allows fabricators to digitize their slabs to the highest detail. Featuring innovative image digitizing technology, SlabVision utilizes a high-resolution industrial linear camera and an LED lighting system, both specially designed to render the real colors of the material. Each scan captures the attributes of the stones, encompassing color, thickness, quality, and size measurements.

Major benefits of the SlabVision Vertical Scanner include:

  • Minimal Phyiscal Footprint & Largest Slab Capacity
  • Consistent Image Quality, Regardless of Environment
  • High Resolution & Color Depth
  • Easy Slab Loading
  • Effortless Operations with 24″ Touchscreen HMI
  • Hard Stop Location System

Despite its powerful capabilities, SlabVision boasts a compact design that minimizes its physical footprint in your shop. This space-saving feature allows fabricators to maximize their workspace and shop efficiency, accommodating the needs of modern stone fabrication facilities.

SlabVision also ensures that environmental conditions do not affect image quality. Its advanced LED lighting system eliminates the impact of reflections from sunlight or shop lighting, guaranteeing accurate and consistent image quality. Coupled with its effortless operation, featuring an intuitive touchscreen interface, fabricators can achieve precise results with ease.

Park Industries’ Chief Executive Officer, Joan Schatz, expressed the company’s enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with Taglio to bring their cutting-edge SlabVision stone scanners to our customers across North America. This partnership showcases our commitment to providing the most advanced solutions to the stone fabrication industry, empowering our customers with precision, efficiency, and support.”

In response to the partnership, Fabio Braghin, Director of Sales at Taglio, commented, “Collaborating with Park Industries represents a significant milestone for Taglio. Leveraging Park’s rich 70-year history in the stone machinery sector, our partnership aligns closely with our mission to deliver innovative solutions. We look forward to our partnership creating new pathways in the stone fabrication industry, driven by our shared commitment to excellence.”

Reaffirming Park Industries’ position as a state-of-the-art solutions provider, the collaboration with Taglio underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation. By strategically leveraging partnerships, Park further enhances its capacity to deliver cutting-edge technology to fabricators. This partnership represents a pivotal moment in Park Industries’ ongoing efforts to set new benchmarks of excellence within the industry.