FASTBACK II Edge Polisher - Backsplash Challenge for Stone Fabrication

FASTBACK® II Backsplash Polishing Challenge (VIDEO)


The FASTBACK® II Edge Polisher can do what a hand polisher can do in a fraction of the time, with perfect results every time. When it comes to production rate, simplicity, efficiency, or labor savings – this edge polishing machine stands out as an essential part of any shop. It also can free up your skilled hand polishers to work on more jobs than finishing up backsplash.

FASTBACK II with Full Slab Support System | Edge Polisher for backsplash and countertops

FASTBACK® II Edge Polisher for flat-edge polishing of backsplash, vanities, countertops and more.

While it can do more than backsplash, the video below showcases the FASTBACK® II knocking out backsplash at a high rate with an exceptional finish.

With its nine spindles, easy operation, and single-pass, high speed polishing capabilities (65+ inches per minute) see how fast the FASTBACK® II Edge Polisher can polish 70 ft of backsplash. Watch the backsplash challenge and contact us below about adding this game-changer / money printer to your shop!


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