Gerry Waletzko Retires after 33 years of Devoted Service


On February 8, 1988, Gerry Waletzko was hired by Gary Stroeing which marked the beginning of his career at Park Industries® in Computer Drafting. Gerry designed, serviced, and installed many Park machines over the years. Among Gerry’s many great accomplishments at Park Industries® includes designing the PRO-EDGE® machine which Park Industries® continues to sell today.

A True Leader

Gerry held many positions at Park: VP of Engineering, VP of Manufacturing, VP of Project Management, and is currently retiring as VP of Customer Support. His leadership and dedication helped grow Park Industries® 19 times in size from when he started. In 1999, Gerry designed and managed the construction of the 143,000 square-foot Park Industries® Countertop facility, also known as the 6301 building. This facility was designed specifically to produce countertop machines with lean manufacturing principles.

Park Industries 6301 Building
Park Industries® 6301 Building

During his time at Park Industries®, the most rewarding challenge Gerry recalled was partnering with North Carolina Granite to provide machinery used to reclad the Amoco Building in Chicago. The marble on the Amoco building was bowing and needed to be replaced before it lost its stability. Park built one-man operation machines that could produce new granite panels at the speed of 5 truckloads per day, totaling 26,000 pieces of stone that had to be exactly the same dimensions – a challenging, but impressive achievement to say the least!

The granite siding on the Amoco building.
Amoco building in Chicago. Check out this video about the recladding of the building.

Thank You Gerry

As Gerry reflected on his career, he shared that, “Park Industries® is a great company that is focused on customer care, associate success and community support.” He credits fellow Park Industries® associates and teamwork for his success. “I was fortunate to work for Tom Schlough, Gary Stroeing, and Joan Schatz. All were great leaders and teachers.” A funny memory for Gerry during his time at Park Industries®, was Gary Stroeing mentioning it was a mistake to hire him – a joke we can proudly say is widely untrue.

Gerry is a strong supporter of Park’s golden rule and a trait he held every day: Treat everyone as you wish to be treated. “The future for Park Industries® is bright. Joan Schatz and Mike Schlough are doing a great job leading Park Industries® into the future.”

Gerry and his wife, Kathy, plan to spend more time with family and grandchildren. They enjoy the outdoors playing Pickleball, e-biking, camping, and fishing. Here’s to Gerry’s retirement!

Watch Park associates congratulate and send best wishes to Gerry on his retirement.