New Machine: The VOYAGER XP CNC Saw

Introducing the VOYAGER™ XP


Park Industries® has just launched the latest in their CNC Saw technology with the new VOYAGER™ XP 5-Axis CNC Saw. This competitively-priced CNC Saw, is the perfect machine to help manual fabricators make their initial voyage into digital sawing.

With a 27 hp motor, true 5-axis movements, blade size flexibility (14″, 16″, or 18″) and the ability to easily adapt to new high-speed tooling advancements, the VOYAGER™ XP is packed with possibilities for countertop or dimensional stone fabricators:

  • 0-47° automatic mitering
  • Curved blade cutting (Contour cutting)
  • Incremental routing
  • Coring
  • TightCut™ blade plunging for tighter nesting
  • Straight line profiling
  • Gauging
  • Step cutting
  • Pool & patio coping
TightCut™ Blade Plunging for Closer Nesting
TightCut™ Blade Plunging for Closer Nesting & Faster Milling

New TightCut Feature

Improving shop productivity and increasing slab utilization was the focus of Park Industries® TightCut™ blade plunging feature integration. The VOYAGER™ XP plunge cuts into the table’s lightweight concrete surface. This allows the blade to make cuts tighter together on sharp 90 degree corners. TightCut™ allows fabricators to nest parts closer together increasing material yield upwards of 10% while minimizing the amount of incremental routing needed to finish inside corners.

Other features include:

  • VFD 1000-6000 rpm
  • Hydraulic tilt table
  • Overhead camera
  • Automatic ultra-compact programming routines
  • Orthogonal cutting mode
  • Monoblock, small footprint design
  • Blade and tool measurement system
  • Material height sensor
  • Precision A-Axis Gear Box