Side-Shot | At Machine Digital Slab Station for CNC Sawing

New Side-Shot™ Digital Slab Station


The all new SIDE-SHOT™ by Park Industries® provides fabricators the tool to capture slab images right at the machine with an extremely small footprint requirement. The SIDE-SHOT™ incorporates Slabsmith™ Lite software for vein matching and 3D rendering.

  • Capture high dimensional accuracy of digital slabs
  • Vein matched project preview before cutting the material, up to 2 slabs  
  • Utilize common line cutting to optimize material yield
  • Ability to communicate with multiple cameras (great for twin table machines)
  • Upgrade to full Slabsmith™ Basic Bundle at anytime

“We are excited about the Side-Shot™,” adds Tony Herbst, Park Industries Director of Sales, “as this system can be added to existing digital saws and requires a very small footprint.”  Increase your customer experience by vein matching projects all while increasing your slab utilization with Park Industries® Side-Shot Digital Photo Station.