Park Industries Wins Manufacturer of the Year

Park Industries® Receives Manufacturer of the Year Award


The 2020 Manufacturer of the Year Award was presented to Park Industries® by the Manufacturers Alliance of Minnesota.  

“As a proud industry leader and American manufacturer, we are honored to receive this prestigious award from the Minnesota Manufacturers Alliance,” comments Joan Schatz, Co-President. “We take great pride in the role we play in manufacturing excellence, sharing knowledge and experience with others, and promoting the great career opportunities in manufacturing.

Park Industries® was selected based on peer recognition and their demonstration of sharing continuous improvement experiences that contribute to the overall strength and vitality of Minnesota’s manufacturing community.

“We continue to invest and refine our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities,” adds Mike Schlough, Co-President. “This award is given to all of the 260+ Park Industries® associates for their commitment to manufacturing excellence – they truly earned and deserve this distinguished award.”