New SABERjet XP Dual Table CNC Sawjet Press Release

SABERjet™ XP Two Table for Double the Production


The industry’s sawjet leader now offers double the production, with the new SABERjet™ XP Two Table model. With the introduction of the new two table machine, the new Hypertherm® Echion 50 hp waterjet pump is also now available to the market, giving fabricators multiple waterjet intensifier options.

Park Industries® Sales Manager Todd Eccless comments on this new product offering, “The market enthusiasm on the SABERjet™ XP has been extremely high over the last year, with it growing into an industry leading sawjet. Our customers have asked for it in a two table configuration, and we’ve happily responded. We are pleased to offer the SABERjet™ XP Two Table Sawjet so fabricators can keep the machine cutting slabs, without needing to wait for the load/offload process.”

What’s New:

  • Now available in single table or two table (Slab Loader, Ballast, or Standard tank options)
  • New Hypertherm® Echion 50 hp pump option
  • Faster cutting speeds

Features You Already Knew:

  • Powered Up with 27 hp sawing
  • True 5-axis waterjet for miterjetting & more
  • Automated ultra-compact programming routines for ultra-compact materials, porcelain, quartzite, and more
  • Hypertherm® Predictive 50 hp or Predictive 60 hp pump options

To learn more about the SABERjet™ XP CNC Sawjet solutions, visit or call 800-328-2309.