Cut This Polish That - FASTBACK II vs Hand Polisher

The FASTBACK® II vs Hand Polisher Challenge


On this month’s episode of Cut This, Polish That, get ready to watch the ultimate polish-off: FASTBACK II vs Fabricator. The speedy flat-edger races a highly skilled hand polisher with 10+ years of experience.

Dale and Brian of Park Industries® set the stage and lead you through a fun, yet competitive challenge. Gilbert, a brave hand polisher from Premier Stone Design, is put to the test against the flat-edge champion…the FASTBACK® II. The challenge is to polish as many flat-edge parts as you can in 20 minutes. Watch a side-by-side comparison as both contestants take on a pallet of backsplash and a surprise or two. At the end, we’ll tally their final production and see the results!

Why is This Challenge Important?

The need for efficient, flat-edge polishing remains in high demand in most shops. It’s the edge used on standard backsplash and has become a popular choice for vanities, countertops and islands. With hand labor still hard to find and backsplash being a very mundane task, this episode aims to show why the FASTBACK® II is the single easiest way to increase production and reduce labor needs for this type of work.

About the FASTBACK® II

The FASTBACK® II is capable of running up to 65” per min, is extremely easy to operate and delivers an exceptional quality finish. And it can do more than backsplash with the SlabBACK support system. Its capable of running parts up to 96” tall allowing you to run countertops, vanities, and even large islands.