Upgrade Your CNC Router with Park Industries

Upgrading Your TITAN® 1000 Series CNC Router


Now is the perfect time to upgrade your TITAN® 1000 Series to a TITAN 4000 Series. Reallocate the money you are investing on your TITAN to a new TITAN 4000 CNC Router from Park Industries®.

Explore below six great reasons to upgrade your CNC and the business value it provides you.

reasons to upgrade Your Countertop Fabrication CNC:

  • Lower cost of ownership.
  • Lower labor costs due to increased productivity with high-speed tooling optimization.
  • Increased production capability and capacity.
  • Easiest-to-use software & control updates.
  • Quantum™ Belt Driven spindle is easy to maintain and replace parts and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.
  • Section 179 Tax Deduction allows you to deduct up to $1,16K from your gross income if you purchase equipment.
The new TITAN 4000 Series offers a powerful combination of size, speed, accuracy, and operational ease.

Understand the Business Value

TITAN® 4000 SeriesTITAN® 1000 Series
ProductivityAbility to run high speed tooling due to high water flow rates.

Rapid Speeds of 2,600 IPM (x & y); 650 IPM (z)
Ability to run high speed tooling (need to add adapted water flow kit).

Rapid Speeds of 2,360 IPM; 500 IPM (z)
Most recent and advanced components on the market. Readily available inventory.Critical components are at end of life or unavailable placing your business at risk.
SpindleQuantum™ Belt Drive Spindle is easy to repair in the field, including draw bar replacement.

5-Year Limited Warranty.
Omlat elecrospindle needs to be send in for repair. Expired Warranty.
Table SizeTITAN® 4700 = 115 sq ft
(Process approximately 12 Vanity Tops)

TITAN® 4800 = 128 sq ft
(Process approximately 14 Vanity Tops)
TITAN® 1600 = 104 sq. ft.
(Process approximately 10 vanity tops)

TITAN® 1700 = 106 sq. ft.
(Process approximately 10 vanity tops)

TITAN® 1800 = 127 sq. ft.
(Process approximately 14 vanity tops)
Tool CapacityTITAN® 4700 = 36 Tool Pockets
TITAN® 4800 = 68 Tool Pockets
TITAN® 1600 = 34 tool pockets
TITAN® 1700 = 36 tool pockets
TITAN® 1800 = 62 tool pockets
(Subtract 2 with itm)
Tool Management
Ability to easily upload tool data from offline tooling systems.
Integrated tool management system is optional.
Quick-scan tool technology – easier tooling swapping.
Manually input tooling data.
Integrated tool management systems (itm) is optional.
Vacuum Pump3 HP standard with 5 HP option3 HP standard
English & Spanish languages with easy, intuitive navigation and operation at the touch of a button.English
Windows OSCurrent Windows 10 PlatformWindows XP
MaintenanceQuick change water union (3-minute change)
Automated greasing system
System diagnostics dashboard
On-board interactive maintenance scheduling
Easier to schedule maintenance and improved notifications
Water union (upwards of 40-minute change)
Manual greasing

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