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Countertop Fabricators from across North America come together for a day to learn how to improve their stone processing, gain industry insight, and transform their business.

Digital Stoneworking Expo – The Educational Event to Attend!



Beyond the Cutting Edge

Learn & Interact with the nation’s leading digital stone fabrication experts and hear their stories.

Focused Seminars on end-to-end business strategies, total process viewpoint, labor challenges and more.

Keep it Real as we discuss industry trends like new materials and tools of the trade with fellow fabricators.

Tour a fabrication shop for ideas to run your business better than ever. See the digital process in action.

Gain Insight on reducing waste, offering more to customers, shop efficiency, and maintenance.

Packed Agenda for Attendees of the Digital Stoneworking Expo | Educational Events for Stone Fabricators

Full Day Agenda of the DSE is packed with live demos using the newest automated technology.


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Attendee Testimonials

One of the best networking and idea sharing events in the industry.

Rick J.

All fabricators should attend a DSE. It’s a great event to receive education and new ideas.

Amy M.

I have been to many DSEs and this was the best so far. Park continues to tweak and refine each DSE and continually they get better. I was just looking back at the last 48 hours and it was incredible how much info you guys got in. Every fabricator I spoke to said they really found it informative.

Steve M.

I really did not want to take the time off to go to this but, I’m so thankful I did attend. EVERYTHING on both days was of value to me and my company and I walked away truly convinced your number one priority is for my company to be successful. I have a list of things I need to change and starting today I’m going to work on tackling them 1 at a time.

Todd S.

I didn’t realize, how much I needed to come, until I did. That’s how beneficial, this has been.

Matt C.

I attended two Digital Stoneworking Expos last year, and I plan to attend more this year. While there are similarities between each DSE, the information is kept fresh and I find myself bringing home new learnings each time.

Dan M.

If a fabricator is looking to improve their business, this is the event I’d recommend. The DSE helped us understand the digital fabrication process and confirmed what we already suspected – there is a better way of doing business. We were able to walk away from the DSE with knowledge to propel our business in the right direction.

Tyler A.

The Digital Expo was a great event! It was what we needed to help us get a concrete plan in motion for getting our shop more efficient!

Brandon & Stephanie

Logo - Digital Stoneworking Expo | Educational Event & Seminar for Stone Fabricators